A Poem by Aldora Sparrow

Got inspired by TVXQ's new song "Keep your head down." Sorry Yunho. Please suggest a title!


They say that only fools would consume that wine,

The ones with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What broken, (damaged) creature would be willing to be

Bound to a half-life with an unbreakable black chain?


Then you see us, a single entity made of two,

Seeing no difference between night and day.

Compared to living in a foolish world such as this,

Condemned to a half-life was a price we could pay.


Breaking the precious bond that we so closely held,

You walk towards the shadows and I to the rising sun.

Both wondering of the other, only (ju-ust) knowing,

We would meet again to take that trophy that we won.


Doing what we once so zealously planned was unfulfilling

Your missing presence nagging at the back of my brain.

Then tales of your successes reaches my waiting ears,

(Oh) Just like the music of the earth, a lullaby of the rain!


Patience is not a friend of mine--worry is closer,

To see your face again became an aching thirst.

But I wait, (oh so carefully) for the right time,

To complete the sacred circle that carved us first.


Now look at us, we are at the top of the world

With burning fire in your hold and light in mine

When we take the others hand, we are complete

Together, so easily, (don’t you see?), we shine


Once again whole, we can lead the world into

A world where no one would need to steal or lie

Where laughs were the stars and love was the sun

Where everyone cared and no one had to cry


A foolish world that once had turned its back

Waiting for us to form it with our combined light

Our chance to change the world for the “greater good”

That is (exactly) what we once intended…right?




Watching that…smile spread upon your lips, but I can’t help but think

If the possible evil side of the dual wine had resided in your drink

© 2011 Aldora Sparrow

Author's Note

Aldora Sparrow
Any suggestions? Pleas suggest a title!

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this is amazing!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wee wee! I love the song and the poem. Perfect. V! Yay yay! Yatta!
The music video is so awesome. Perfect poem to the vid.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on January 4, 2011
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Aldora Sparrow
Aldora Sparrow

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