Dream 5: Amazement

Dream 5: Amazement

A Story by WilliamAllen

I have good dreams, and bad dreams. Pick and choose.

Dream 5: Amazement

I awoke yet again in a bed, which now seems to be the theme and I didn’t mind. The bed was embroidered with clean cream colored silk curtains hanging from a tall and wide Japanese mahogany bed frame. The bedspread was made with Victorian era designs and was dark red. There were exactly five pillows, all following the red color coordination. Two of them were circular pillows with a bead in the middle where all the stitching came back to. One of them was a log pillow, which I probably used a divider because I can’t sleep straight. Only saying if this was actually my bed. The last two were normal rectangular pillows with a soft foam that sunk in slowly and was very sensitive to touch. I ended up playing with those two pillows for five minutes because it was so entertaining.
I turned my body over to see the other side of the bed, and saw that there was a slump. I touched it curiously and felt the warm heat. I wanted to find out who I was apparently sleeping with. This was an up most importance because I didn’t want to have a guy sleeping with me. I’m not that way, and I would hope that my brain wasn’t functioning to what I believed to be my sense of sexual orientation. 
I got out the bed, and looked around the room to see that everything was a lot larger than I realized. It made me dizzy. My legs were quivering and my center of balance was off. I kneeled down, and covered my eyes to see if I could refocus my eyes again, without being queasy. As soon as I uncovered my eyes, I was still woozy as if someone kept tilting the world, but I could move toward the door a little faster now. 
The hallway was a tad different than the bedroom. It was a lot smaller than the bedroom. Gazing back into my Victorian-esque bedroom with dismay, and comparing it to my hallway was a large difference. The hallway was medium sized, by my guesses it was 5’ by 7’. It didn’t have many doors, and there was a wood staircase on both ends of the hallway. Pictures hung the walls all the way down on both sides. Glass chandeliers and adjacent lights lit up the hallway. I didn’t know which way was the bathroom. Taking a guess, I started to walk to the left, hoping it be the right way to the bathroom.
Walking in the hallway, I kept seeing pictures of myself and my family together smiling. Multiple photos showed me in a tuxedo at a wedding. An older resolution photo showed me in my senior year at my high school prom. Another showcased me getting my master’s degree in creative writing and minor in teaching. Underneath that picture was apparently a classroom photo. My students were holding a handmade poster which read We Love You, William. I was guessing I never let them say my last name, due to ridicule I got in my elementary and middle school years. After passing four doors down, I reached a door with a sign that read: men’s bathroom. I looked at it blankly and thought to myself, did we really need a man and woman designated bathroom? I pushed the door and proceeded to wash up.
The bathroom was white. A pearl white with floral patterns on the floor and white walls. My shower was a translucent glass, which I wish would’ve been opaque. I never felt safe with a translucent glass screen door because someone might be looking at my junk. Across the front of the shower was the toilet, which wasn’t extraordinary.
When I finished, I realized I had not brought any clothes with, and the fact I didn’t know where anything was also a bother. If it was anything like in my real-life house, then no towels would be in the bathroom. The thoughts buzzing around in my head were both embarrassing and also stupid. The first thought, I could attempt to dry myself with my clothes and run to my room, with no clothing on. The second thought, put on the old clothes for a little while. Take them off when I get to the bedroom or where my clothes are. I didn’t take a good enough look in the bedroom to see if it had a closet with my clothes. I just hoped it was there because that’s mainly where clothes would be, in most households. 
I went with the second thought and put on my old clothes. They were sticking to my body because I was still fairly wet. It was really uncomfortable in my arm area. I felt the cloth move with me every motion and it was irritating. It was my fault though because I didn’t get some clothes or look for a damn towel before taking a shower, I kept thinking to myself.
I got to the bedroom, and this time it didn’t give a wooziness that it did the first time. I scanned the area for a closet or closets. One closet being right next to me, and I opened it. When I opened it, the clothes in there were not for me. The first indication were the girlish bright colors which shined like a water coloring set. The second indication was the amount of dresses and skirts that first appeared in my eyes. I didn’t know what to think, but it did reassure one thing for me. I was either the woman in the relationship, or my wife has really good fashion sense and was beautiful. I was relieved in that aspect of this dream, but where was my clothing? I kept wondering. I walked closer to the bed, and in front of me was lying down a towel with casual business clothes. I was extremely thankful for the one who did this, or I was in my head. I quickly changed and began to look around the top floors of the house.
I headed to see what was on the right side of the hallway, but stopped because I was smelling the sweet aroma of bread filling the air. I b-lined to the stairs. I got to the bottom of all the stairs and in the middle of the ground floor room was a glass door, with a brass doorknob and lock. A plant in the corner which had an assortment of flowers, which still to this day escape me. In a flowerpot underneath the large glass chandelier hanging atop the ceiling was a dozen red roses. I really hoped I didn’t make this house. Which I did, considering this was my dream. It also occurred to me, I didn’t like carpet, but did like rugs every now and then. I knew this because upon going through the upstairs and downstairs there was no a single carpeted room, all of them were hardwood floors. I couldn’t tell what wood it was, but it looked expensive as hell. It has a nice hollow sound when you step on them, and they didn’t creak at all. I realized, I had really expensive tastes. 
I kept following where my nose was going, and saw that my house was only two stories, if you didn’t include the basement. My first floor was also a little smaller than my upper level which was awkward. I kept a mental note on that. I only had to keep going straight from the rose pot to reach the kitchen. You couldn’t see it from the front of the house, but all you had to do was walk straight.
I walk into the kitchen, and it was big. To me, it was big. The whole kitchen was an ultralux with high-tech equipment. In the center of the entire kitchen was the hi-tech stove tops where no fire was emitted. Next to it was a microwave on top of an actual stove, which had a convection oven underneath. In front of the centerpiece was the fridge, and it looked small. Though, I was thinking if I opened it had a large space for vacancy. The sink was straight across from the refrigerator, it had a water purifier attached to it, and two large portions of space for dishes. Dishwater was downward, left, and diagonal to the sink. There was wood cabinets on the walls, and cupboards underneath the countertops. 
I was in awe, and wondering how much the bill was to make all of this happen. 
I didn’t care anymore, but for the bread I was smelling. The bread was in front of me on the counter top. It was on china that was plain and simple. The bread though was sparkling with cinnamon and sugar crystals. It had risen to perfection, and from what I could tell it was done cooling down. I looked around to see if anyone was going to see that I was going to take a nibble for myself. I didn’t see anybody, and I gingerly walked over to the loaf of bread. I was right next to the countertop, easing my hand slowly to make sure I wouldn’t any noise. I was about to grab a n****e of the bread until I heard.
“Hey… I worked hard on that! You could ask if you wanted some, or just ask.”
I turned around with my back to the countertop, and standing underneath the arch of the entrance to kitchen was a girl. She was wearing a cute pink dress with ruffles. I quickly turned around to have my back to her. I thought in my head, no way I got a girl that cute. I moved to formulating an escape plan. I thought of taking the bread and making a straight dash for the door. Remembering the pictures upstairs, I was about to turn around, but I got tackled to the ground. 
I was on the ground with a sharp pain in my back, and my eyes closed to relieve the pain. I heard a sad, concerned voice ask, “Are you ok?!”
I shook my head and automatically complained, “I’m old princes…” I stopped in the middle of my sentence, and opened my eyes. On top of me was the girl I met in eighth grade and I fell in love with. Bright blue ocean eyes that sparkled, and wearing a ruffled pink dress. My face exploded to a bright red color, but it might’ve been just me. I tried getting up, but she resisted and kept me on the ground.
“Um… Hi… Sarah… You going to get off me soon?” I jokingly said.
“No.” She answered tickling me while I was on the ground.
I was attempting to crawl to the screen door which lead outside. She pursued and went to tickling my knees, which I dislike immensely… It’s probably the most sensitive region for me to get tickled in. I came back and tickled her on her sides and slipped away. I eventually slipped through the screen door. Being quirky, she locked the screen door on the inside while sticking out her tongue. I sighed and sat outside on the porch. I marveled at the house’s vast backyard. It had tons coniferous trees, on the edges of the backyard. Green luscious grass that looked comfortable to sleep on. Along with several flowerbeds, which either Sarah made or was originally here, I couldn’t tell. Shortly after, I heard a click and a sliding noise. I wanted to turn around, but I felt arms come around me. 
“What are we going to do today?” Sarah asked.
“Everything and anything.” I answered.
“That’s too broad!” she whined in young girl voice.
“Were you always this whiny?” I irritated asked.
“Only to you. Only to you,” she happily remarked, “So what do you want to do? We could do what I want to do, and, if I’m right, you hate doing that.”
I hated doing girlish things, even waiting was bad enough when we would go shopping… Ugh… “Well, I don’t know if we did this or not, but let’s go parasailing or jet-skiing. Considering there is a lake a few miles from here from what I can see.” I threw out.
“Sure! That sounds like fun.” She rejoiced with a smile on her face.
“That means we’re both changing… Do you know how to swim?” I questioned with a serious look on my face.
“Yea…” She said back with her mouth open letting the last syllable reverberate in the house.
I nodded and we went to go get changed. I took her hand, and walked her upstairs to the bedroom. I ended up having to give opinions on what looked good with what. I oodles had fun. Whenever she would put together an outfit, I always said no, then she made a pouty face. I personally thought everything she held in front of me made her exquisitely beautiful. With my trivial games, it took us forty minutes for her to pick an outfit that would go over her bikini. Which was ridiculous because she was going to take it off anyways. I threw off my business clothes and put on the swimming trunks, which were red and I put on a simple gray shirt.

When we arrived at the beach, Sarah wore a purple tunic over what seemed to be darker pink shorts, but I didn’t care because my fashion sense sucks, also because I remembered seeing a teal bikini, and me getting slapped. 
I chartered a boat for us, and we went onto the lake. It was surprisingly empty. I asked her if she wanted to jet ski first, and she nodded. I tied a tight knot on the backside railing. I gave her some water-skis, and asked in an playful voice, “so is this the part where you strip? Just saying, it be a shame to see these cute clothes go to waste.”
“You just want to see me in a bikini.” she growled back with a glare.
“Yeah… I do…” I murmured while trying to hold back my smile.
Sarah saw through that and smirked, “Well you won’t be looking anyways because you’ll be driving the boat.”
I opened my mouth to saw something witty, but I realized she was most likely the one who would be cooking the most food when we got home so I shut up. I walked to the drivers seat of the boat, and looked in the back mirror. Which still let me see her, which made me feel like a winner. I revved up the boat and started letting her jet ski.
It was hard to drive the boat. The wheel was stiff. Also, I worried she would fly off and hit some rocks. It didn’t help when she kept doing flips and twirls. It looked natural, and I remembered she was far more active than me. I drove for thirty minutes, her graceful and beautiful jet skiing ability showcasing in my rearview mirror. I slowly cruised the boat to a stop, and pulled her back to the boat. She was dripping wet. I covered my mouth with my hand, and she came and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around, and a warmness entered my body. 
“Somebody looks wet.” I joking stated
“Mhm.” She quietly agreed. 
My shirt and pants were now soaked; which was ok, because the shirt was a piece of s**t and I was wearing swimming trunks. I began wondering, did she know how to drive a boat? I was hoping my dream would say yes. I asked if she did, and she nodded. Which gave me relief because I wanted to jet-ski.
It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. She revved up the engine and took off like a bullet. I was sliding all over the place, I could barely hold onto the baton which connected to the backside of the boat. I did a jump and landed it. I was pretty proud. Along with splashes of water in my face was making the scenery stunning.  I felt the boat slow down, and the clock inside of the boat sad it was 11am. I figured it was time to go home and make some lunch.
I returned the boat and took her hand as we walked to the car. I was driving us home, while Sarah nibbled on her bread and fed me some too. We chatted about anything: family, friends, what we dreamed about, the house, etc. I realized on her left hand, she was wearing a platinum ring with navy blue diamonds. I eyed it and on my hand was a matching ring. I grabbed her left hand with my right hand, and breathed heavily on the steering wheel. She gave her bright natural smile, and I couldn’t help but smile back…. 

© 2012 WilliamAllen

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Author's Note

Grammar problems? Most likely, since my 2nd sources suck at grammar. Enjoy reading. I didn't hide names because where is the fun in that?!

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