Albino Legless Armadillo

Albino Legless Armadillo

A Story by Dearantlers

What’s white all over, has armor, rolls into a ball when in danger, rolls places rather than walks, and eats grubs, worms and ants?


You’re right! Harley the albino, legless armadillo! Wait, you mean you didn’t guess the answer correctly? But with all those clues, how could you not? Oh well, let me just tell you about Harley, and how he came to be what he is today.


Harley is one in a million, literally. I mean, how many albino, legless armadillos have you met? I’ve met about a million armadillos, and Harley was the only one fitting the above description. He was born on a cold winter day, abandoned by his family because they never expected him to live, and then saved by a seagull.


The seagull tried to teach him how to fly, but little Harley could never quite get it. He would got jump off a cliff, try to flap his imaginary wings, and then he would plummet towards the ground. Luckily, Harley could roll up in a ball when he landed, and his armor on the exterior of his body would save him. On one of his falls, he met the beaver.


The beaver adopted Harley, and tried to teach Harley how to swim, and to love to eat logs. Whenever Harley got in the water though, he would sink to the bottom of the beaver’s pond, and would have to be saved by the beaver. His teeth weren’t sharp enough to cut through wood either, and when the beaver helped, the wood tasted so gross that the armadillo would gag, and so, he decided to leave the beaver.


Next, Harley met the bush. Harley said hi, but the bush stayed silent, and slightly swayed with the wind. Harley tried to stand straight and tall like t he bush, but without his legs, he was unable to do more than lay there. He tried to soak in the sun, but all it did was make Harley’s already white body whiter. The armadillo also tried to talk to the bush, but it never said a word, never even made a sound, and the only thing it did do was move with the wind. So Harley wandered off.


The albino legless armadillo crawled into a random hole that had happened to be in front of him. He rolled down the slope, and just kept rolling and rolling, until, he bumped into something. He looked up, and stared into some large brown eyes, connected to a brown armored body. Harley gasped in surprise. He was standing in front of another armadillo!! The creature took Harley in, taught him to do what an armadillo did, and for the first time, Harley the albino, legless, armadillo was happy!

© 2012 Dearantlers

Author's Note

Yeah, I know. Very cheesy, unusual, but unique. The idea for a story about the albino legless armadillo came from Harley E., thus the reason I named the armadillo Harley. Someday, I'll have an epiphany, and change the story to make sense, but that day is obviously not here yet. Suggestions would be awesome!

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Poor armadillo :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Haha. Thanks for the review!
I think it's AWESOME!!!! I'm honored to have a legless albino armadillo named after me! Thank you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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