Everybody's Fool

Everybody's Fool

A Poem by Decere Tiozon

I'm a jester. I'm a punching bag. I'm a puppet. I'm a fool, and everyone knows it.


Everybody’s Fool

There’s no more turning back

When every mistake made you lack

The strength that you need

The love that lets you feed

I am a jester; I laugh when I cry

I am a punching bag made to ruin

I am a puppet  made to be played

I am a fool and everyone knows it

Chin up and ready to go

Peaceful as can be

Like a river with a gentle flow

Pretending to be free

I’ll pull this plastered mask

Open my eyes and see

There is a piece of paper, showing my task

And all I’ll see is me

I am a jester; I laugh when I cry

Hail the Queen; ignore the Joker

They praise the act�"I accept but deny

Playing second fiddle, and wishing to choke her

I am a punching bag made to ruin

There, I take a hit and strike

But they don’t have a clue in

When to stop, and take a hike

I am a puppet made to be played

Every string gives the puppeteer

A moment to have me controlled

Oh, this is what I fear

I am a fool and everyone knows it

The issues pour and drip

But they never seem to layer and fit

Into my life, and fade in a trip

When will it be my time, where my voice turns into an angel’s

When they turn their heads and listen?

With solemn sincerity written in their eyes?

When my boiling passion transfers into their souls?

I’m no fool

© 2014 Decere Tiozon

Author's Note

Decere Tiozon
What do you think? Brutally honest comments are welcome.

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Very good- nice message, well delivered

I think rhyming all the time is hiding ur true talent- try writing a poem without rhyming to see how it goes.

Also I would call it a "punch" bag rather than "punching"

Posted 9 Years Ago

I loved this, so creative :) It was well themed, written, and it was great! :) I hope to read more of your work soon :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 8, 2014
Last Updated on April 8, 2014
Tags: fool, used, second, jester, punching bag, hurt, stronger


Decere Tiozon
Decere Tiozon

Milwaukie, OR

I love to read other people's works. It's great to teach others and learn things yourself. There's so many gems out there. There's so much more to write about. Interests: Music: Pretty broad. Ho.. more..


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