The C.I.A. is Watching You

The C.I.A. is Watching You

A Story by dhoeweler

Based off a delusion


I tell people that I am a psychiatrist, but in reality I work for the C.I.A. monitoring
people who know too much. We call them “Awakers” because they realize that
we spy on everyone, all the time.

This is problematic since the government needs people to be ignorant that the
C.I.A is controlling everyone. It would unnecessarily cause panic and upset the
balance of the system we have in place.

Whenever an Awaker gets out of line we throw them in a mental institution. We

label them crazy, giving them names like schizophrenic, schizo affective or
bipolar with psychotic features, but I know better. I know they are the sane
ones, and that it is the world that is insane.

I know this because I help do the dirty work for our agency. During the day I

keep tabs on the Awakers through my job as a Psychiatrist. At nights I'm a
murderer for the C.I.A, killing the ones that might spread the truth to the others.

We call the ones who live in our manufactured reality “Sleepers”. They are the
brainwashed masses, unable and unwilling to accept the truth of their sheepish
existence. They view life through a funnel, which is the way we want it. People
are easier to control that way.
Sometimes the Sleepers venture away from their narrow view and become
Awakers. Reality hits them like a brick, and they often end up coming to me for
help. I usually tell them that they are having a psychotic break and prescribe
powerful medications to numb their mind so they don't think clearly and become
complacent. It's better for them this way, sometimes reality can be too hard to

Only a select few will snap out of their daze as a Sleeper and enter into reality.
When this happens we are there on the other side to keep tabs on them. Our
cameras span the globe, as there are literally billions of them. We have them on
rooftops, inside streetlights, in peoples homes and even on airplanes.
Thousands of our agents sit in an underground facility watching the Awakers to make sure they remain under our control. We even have agents out in the field
in case someone needs to be snatched up.

Awakers always have similar stories.

“The C.I.A. is after me.”
“There are people monitoring me.”
“My phone is tapped.”

When they say such things I want to tell them that they are thinking clearly, but I
am afraid to do so. If the C.I.A. found out they would see me as a threat and
throw me in a psychiatric institute.

I am writing this letter, knowing that it's contents will mean my doom. The
agency will eventually find out I have written it and I will disappear for the crime
of spreading the truth. I hope by people reading this that my sacrifice may not
have been in vain.

© 2010 dhoeweler

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Added on March 13, 2010
Last Updated on March 13, 2010
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