A Poem by diaphanous

Hot enough to blister
Sheets tangled on limbs
Dark thoughts continue to fester
Turning over every whim.
A time-worn reel begins to play
calming the roiling in my mind
Of an innocuous meeting--
Us laughing side by side.
Not quite a fantasy
Neither frivolous, nor mundane.
Not a dream or passing fancy,
Something closer to a memory.
I picture the tape undone
Sitting on soft dewey grass
Sunspots filtering through 
With questions gone unasked.
This scene is a nagging pinch
A rasping, cloying reminder
Of words spilling unfettered
Ink pooling from my chest.
Somehow your face pulls me back
Before the colors dampened,
my smile sharpened,
and skin stretched taut.
Before the years turned heavy
Closing in over my head.
Chance meetings once treasured
Now inspire black dread.
Returning to your ghost,
Lifts the spirits from my breast,
Shakes the clutter loose,
And unbinds my wrists.
The sweet night air coats my limbs
And I am cleaved open again,
Ready for the trials unknown
Accepting of tales spun in gold.
A half-formed idea still,
And yet all too certain.

© 2019 diaphanous

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Added on May 4, 2019
Last Updated on May 5, 2019



San Francisco, CA

My name is Talia. I've always loved writing, and writing is my greatest passion. My greatest fear and motivation is that in reality, it shouldn't be. more..

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