A Story by Mr.Cardigan

The tags say it all

Sex: the meaning of life 
Or at least that's how most treat it
Don't kid yourself you know that's one of the first things on your mind
The small things 
The smile
The surprise
The moans
The wetness
The rough
The soft
In the movies it shown over and over 
Music it's played over and over 
It's available so easily online to watch
It has made relationships confusing 
Has made relationships end
Why is it so powerful..?
I'll tell you why
Because when you are having sex you feel what its like to be a god
To have a human being, something so beautiful so intimately close   
Weather it be on your finger tips or on the tip of your tongue 
Could it be when we have certain energies that mash together in one orgasmic moment  
We find what it's really like to be on the edge of the universe and master the cosmos
When you rip off that dress or shirt and you see the beauty of a woman unveiled
So intimate so close so alluring so lustful
Everything starts  
With one swift move 
One hand on her waist
One hand tucked under her ear and warmly on the side of the neck 
With one kiss
The most magnificent thing that could transpire between two beings
So take me 
Show me that glimpse of what it means to live 
Show me the meaning of life!

© 2017 Mr.Cardigan

Author's Note

I think about the craziest things high. What do you think?

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Added on May 30, 2017
Last Updated on May 30, 2017
Tags: takeme, sex, inthemood, wet, highthoughts



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A Story by Mr.Cardigan

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A Story by Mr.Cardigan