A Poem by Dusty

What happens if you turn away and pretend you didn't see? No man is ever for just himself. This is not the way the world should be.


You can look away

pretending like you didn't see.

After all,

its not your job to help me.

The scars on my wrist,

you now know more than my own mother,

but to you,

I'm just another messed-up teen.

I cut because I'm a retard

who thinks I can't bleed.

These cuts aren't for you

or even for my father.

These cuts are for me,

the blood sets me free.

I don't do drugs

or drink or smoke.

I'm a virgin,

get good grades in school.

I don't wear black or skanky clothes.

I dress in normal colors,

anything with long sleeves.

These cuts are my friends,

when I cry

my veins cry too.

They show the torture of my soul

The loss and the pain.

These marks aren't because

I don't look like Barbie,

or because my boyfriend dumped me.

These marks are because people looked away

did what you did just today.

Before, when I was a child,

these marks didn't exist.

My arms were covered in bruises instead,

the size of a grown man's fist.

And still people did not care,

they did nothing but stare.

Not a single call to the police.

Don't tell me you weren't aware,

don't say you didn't know.

My neighbors did nothing

and the clerks in stores pretended not to see.

So now, while I try to hide my scars,

you look away.

And later, when they find my body

dangling from a rope in the back alley,

you'll cluck your tongue and say,

"That's a shame.

She seemed just fine today."

This is what happens when you make yourself blind,

these are the consequences.

I just hope you know,

This could have been prevented.



© 2010 Dusty

Author's Note

Please note, I no longer cut or self-injure and I am not suicidal. This is a poem inspired by many of the things I have experienced, seen, and heard of. I mean no offense to anyone with this and held no one in my mind while writing this, so please know I am not directing this at anyone but the world.

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I understand your motif.
It is motivational.
You are drawing peoples attention that they should help others when they are in crisis.
In that case serious consequences may be prevented.
Appreciate the lovely work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

this is a bit scary and very well written! i think that it would make a really good story too.. thats just me... besides that verry good and just keep writing!
-Anna Kay Patton

Posted 14 Years Ago

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