Different Types Of Home Locks - Edmonton Locksmith

Different Types Of Home Locks - Edmonton Locksmith

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If you want to replace your existing door lock or want to install a new lock, call our professionals. They will assist you.

Keep your home safe and secure you need a high security lock. A house is a place where you live with your family and feel safe. You use locks and keys to protect your house from intruders and thieves. You may be never imagine your house without a lock. Most of the people don’t understand the value of door lock. They understand the value or locks when they lose their belongings and valuable.

Locks provide safety and security against thieves and intruders for you and your family. Protecting your home from unwanted vulnerable always should be a top priority. A lock is a first defense against the outside world. Do you know there are so many different types of locks available in the market? Emergency locksmith professionals share the types of locks that are beneficial for you. You can choose any one of them for your house. If you want to install a new lock, you can consult with residential locksmith in Edmonton.

1. Lever handle locks: Deadbolt door locks are specially designed for French style doors. These locks are child proof and these are very easy to install. It requires no drilling. Mostly lever handle locks come without keys. Means you don’t need to pick a set of keys with you, when you go outside. You just need to press or slide the button to unlock it.

2. Deadbolt locks: A deadbolt lock is a very common lock type and most of the people use it in their house. A deadbolt lock has four different types such as single deadbolt, double deadbolt, jimmy proof deadbolt and captive deadbolt. All these locks are the most secure and cost effective.

3. Keyless entry pads: That day is gone when you forget or lose your house keys. Fortunately, now electronic or keyless door locks are available in the market. These locks come with different ways of entry like fingerprints, Bluetooth, RFID keypad. Homeowners used a pic code or fingerprint to unlock their house.

4. Knob locks: This is one of the most common door locks used on every door including bedroom, front door, rear patio door and garage door. This type of lock has two points, one is used to lock the door and the rest is used to unlock the door.

5. Combination locks: A combination lock requires a combination of digits to unlock it. It is one of the best choices for gym locker, school locker and for a bike. To open this lock you need to remember a combination code. Once you forget the code, you cannot open the door without the help of locksmith professional.

There are so many other door locks available except these. It does not matter which type of door locks you choose for your house, all locks have one common feature and that is the security of your house. You installed a lock on your house for the security and safety. To know more about door locks, you can make a Call to Edmonton Locksmith in Edmonton.

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