The Color of Loneliness.

The Color of Loneliness.

A Poem by mess of gorgeous chaos

I remember that moment well
when the tears felt like they were melting my skin
The letter from you: spread out in front of me on the table
Me: rereading it over and over, burning hot tears flowing
I could still hear you in my head
as I read each word
Your handwriting was so familiar that it gave me chills
But with weak hands and blurry vision, the cup I attempted to grab
knocked on its side, quick to say goodbye to the coffee inside
Before I could stop the spill
the nearly black puddle
swallowed your lines of ink in seconds
and soon
the whole paper was the color of coffee beans
Coffee beans- the color of loneliness
Coffee beans- the color of "my life is a mess"
I think it was kind of like a metaphor
for how the darkness consumed me after you were gone
just as quickly as the drink
enveloped the entirety of the paper
But I wasn't even quite sure if it was a metaphor
because quite frankly it was difficult to think about anything at all
Plus, if I pondered too hard
I'd probably convince myself it was true
And then even coffee would remind me of you

© 2015 mess of gorgeous chaos

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as much as I felt the power and brilliance of this poem, I have to say, it wasn't clear what the letter actually is (a break-up letter, a suicide note, the last letter received before a break up). Also, from "not being quite sure of it being a metaphor" until "being convinced of it being true" takes away from the poem's draw and depth. Simply after "enveloped the entirety of the paper" put something like "Perhaps even coffee would remind me of you". Other than that, this is a great piece. Kind of eponymic, no? Well done!

Posted 5 Years Ago

very well penned, feelings well expressed and touched my heart...writing style is great...nice work I love it

Posted 8 Years Ago

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mess of gorgeous chaos

8 Years Ago

Much appreciated! :)

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Added on March 2, 2015
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mess of gorgeous chaos
mess of gorgeous chaos

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