A stray cats life

A stray cats life

A Story by ScramblesStuffs

An adventure through the life of a stray cat!

Hello,my name is Pure,as you can see im a stray cat.
Nobody ever feeds me,so i literally fight for food with other cats in the trash. 
And snuggle in the dirt. (ew)
    made by Trin
"Hello other cats!'' Said Pure as the sun rises.
Nobody responded.
The cats were eating on the trash can peacefully, until a human shooed them.
Pure just slept until she was woken up by a cat.
The cat said,"hey,do you have any experience in owners?"
"No" Pure gently said.
"B-but my owner unadopted me,'' she said
"Eh,she probably doesnt like you," Pure said
One day,Pure's mother got caught by the animal control.
M-mom?" Pure swept the streets following the truck.
She scoured and ran the streets and roads, but then bumped into something and passed out.
"Wake up." something said.
Pure woke up and saw cages full of rabid animals.
Her mother was dead.
She cried and cried for hours once she saw this.
While the cats in her street miss her.
They even made a little Missing:Pure poster for her.
"Where are you Pure?" Kira said . All of the cats cried and offered an reward of unlimited fish for anyone who finds her.
The strays never smiled without her.
Elroy,the rich cat of Lira Street,hopeed out of his house and said, "Do you wanna make a comeback gift for Pure?".All the cats agreed.
They forgot the gloominess,made a house for her and a mini table for her to eat.
"where am i?" Pure said.
Pure dreamed of all the sweet memories that she had with her mother and the cats. 
When she wakes up,she finds all of the cats in a home and her new small house.

© 2021 ScramblesStuffs

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Added on September 16, 2021
Last Updated on September 16, 2021
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