Compartment 114
Compartment 114
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A Poem by E.P. Robles

Themes of fascination, fleeting moments, and mortality.

“S” hissed toward my heart as from Eden’s garden! Sibilance! As seven suspicious snakes. A loquacious theater upon the lagniappe stage of life. The word. As an ancient bookstore i shall call, “Vellichor!” My Soul! As sanguinolency within my dying heart. I watched the group of wild mustangs rush into the purple red desert night. Then lost eyesight. Forever ~

© 2023 E.P. Robles

Author's Note

E.P. Robles
The poem begins with the letter "S" hissing towards the speaker's heart, evoking a sense of intrigue and captivation. This hissing sound is likened to the expulsion from Eden's garden, alluding to a fall from grace or the loss of innocence.

The use of sibilance and the mention of seven suspicious snakes adds a sense of danger and mystery. It creates an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty, suggesting that something significant is about to unfold.

The phrase "loquacious theater upon the lagniappe stage of life" introduces the idea of a lively and abundant performance within the grand stage of existence. The word "lagniappe" refers to an unexpected bonus or gift, implying that life itself is a gift, full of rich experiences and conversations.

The poet then introduces the word "Vellichor," describing it as an ancient bookstore. Vellichor is a coined term that represents the aroma of old books. By invoking this word, the poet suggests a profound connection to the past, the love of literature, and the bittersweet nostalgia associated with aged volumes.

The speaker's soul is described as sanguinolency within their dying heart, implying a state of bloodiness or a vivid intensity within their being. This may suggest a passionate and lively spirit even in the face of mortality.

The imagery of wild mustangs rushing into the purple red desert night evokes a sense of freedom, energy, and the fleeting nature of life's experiences. It suggests a moment of profound beauty and vitality, which is soon followed by the loss of eyesight.

The concluding line, "Forever," carries a sense of finality and the inevitability of mortality. It emphasizes the transient nature of existence and the impermanence of the experiences and sensations described throughout the poem.

In summary, "SANGUINOLENCY" explores themes of fascination, fleeting moments, and mortality. The poem portrays a sense of captivation and danger, the richness of life's stage, and the nostalgic love for literature. It also contemplates the intensity of the soul amidst mortality and the transient beauty of life's fleeting moments. The poem leaves the reader with a reflection on the brevity of life and the importance of embracing and savoring each passing experience.

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Added on May 28, 2023
Last Updated on May 28, 2023
Tags: poetry, words, grace, innocence, sibilance, love, abstract, lagniappe


E.P. Robles
E.P. Robles


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