Stupidly Standing Strong

Stupidly Standing Strong

A Poem by Tallulah

i was angry....


You think

You are everything....



That everyone should

bow before you

For they aren't worthy

Of your grace

You think you rule everything...


It's funny

Or at least

I think so

How you stand

So confident

Knowing you have no one

Yet thinking you rule it all anyway


You want things

When you want it

How you want it

Ordering people around

Getting what you want

I'm not like them

I only let you talk

But that doesn't mean

I'll listen


You treat everyone like garbage

And maybe thats why

You have no one

That's why

They say horrible things

When you turn around


You stand strong

And confident

Overly so

In a place

Where you have no one

That will be your demise

That will lead to your fall....


You still stand strong....



© 2009 Tallulah

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Very good, you got across the idea very well. My only suggestion would be in the third stanza,
'I only let you talk
But that doesn't mean
I'll listen.'
I suggest removing the word only. I just think it would flow better.
But other than that it was very good.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Nicely done peice :]
I like when someone writes through there anger/emotions and you really showed it

Great job

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 30, 2009
Last Updated on April 1, 2009




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