Unwelcome Strangers

Unwelcome Strangers

A Story by Jessica A. Faust

It's about a disease.

It all, well I don’t know when it started. All I know is now I’m hiding in this bathroom stall from them. These things came to us nearly 8 months ago and it’s been a whirlwind since. I think it started with a dark eyed, brown haired man. He had to have been in his 20’s and at least a foot shorter then her. When he had first come here to Canada, he had been very ill. His name had been, well that she couldn’t remember and it didn’t matter. No one knew what was wrong with him and now look half of the population has gone missing, blood is everywhere, and people would never have expected he would cause it all. An ill young man, no one would have even considered it. Yet I had a feeling something bad was going to happen. But that didn’t matter now, all I know is I have to get out of here fast and tell someone what I have found. What I know about these things, not the people but the things inside them, controlling them like they were puppets. Even her own father had become one, a mindless zombie. I know at the first chance I get I’m going to run for it.

Sure enough when June saw the first chance to get out of the demon’s world she ran for the door just barely getting out of his fierce grip. Once outside she gasps for breath, trying to slow her heart. Before she knew it though, she was back on the run. She had to find someone quick to tell her secret. But no matter where she went she couldn’t find any one. Matter of fact the streets were completely empty. Where had all the people gone? It looked like an old ghost town. Maybe the things had gotten them. They had gotten everyone? Was that even possible? She thought desperately for a way to get to the resistance, if the invaders hadn’t gotten there first. Just then, a noise came from the alley. It was a young child. She had scarlet long hair. She looked about 10.

June rushed to her, looking her over for the parasite. Then she whispered to the child hushed, “I’m going to get you out of here, just hold onto me.” 

June and this child had been on the run all day, when June found a small bridge where a fire was still lit. She put the child under there and sat down against one of the walls. June looked at the ceiling of the tunnel. She began to drift off, when the child made a winning noise. June, like an eager mother, cradled the child telling her it was all right. June ask the child her name. The child’s name was Claris. 

June replied, “Why that’s a pretty name. What were you doing in that alley?”

Claris said in a hushed and tired voice, “My mother was taken away, but she hid me among the trash so they wouldn’t get me. She promised she would come back, but it’s been 3 weeks since I saw her and I’m scared she’s dead.” 

Then June hugged Claris and rocked until Claris fell asleep. Then June opened her journal and began to write.

Today I met a child. It doesn’t seem like the demons got to her yet. It also seems me and her are the only ones left. She’s really smart for a child. Her name is Claris, which I think is just perfect for a scarlet haired girl. Honestly I feel close to her. Maybe I know her, but then again it could just be my imagination or how long I had been captured. You know the mind always loves to play games with the heart. I just wonder if her mother is ok. I promised her I’d help her find her mother. Whatever it took, I said. I meant it. Oh god, did I mean it. I’d do anything for the one survivor besides me. Mainly because she is so young. I don’t want her to go about life on her own and if we can’t find her mother, then I’ll be her new mother. Me and her will survive.

June closed the journal. It felt like it was nearly noon and June knew she needed to get some sleep before they made the big run for the resistance. The question though was, was time on their side? June tried to come up with a plan before falling asleep holding Claris in her arms. But sleep wanted her badly, so it took her to the land of dreams and fears. When they awoke it was late at night, probley around 5pm. June looked around a bit confused because there was a young man about her age hovering over her like she was the prey. June jumped back, hands flying over Claris. She scooted back looking defensive at this stranger. He put his hand gently to her face and began to speak.

He said, “Thank god. I’ve found some other survivors at last. Did you escape and what are your names?” 

June was hesitant to answer at first, but something told her that this man wasn’t going to harm her. Then she noticed his face. It was Jason her 6th grade crush from school. June jumped up and hugged him, clinging to his body, letting out body shaking sobs. He held her in his arms like he’d always wanted to, brushing his hands through her ember hair. 

Whispering in her ear softly, “It’s ok June. It’s ok.” 

June looked up at him asking, “Are you alright? Did they get you?”

She was looking over him fiercely. He stopped her reassuring her that they hadn’t gotten him, that he was fine, and that they needed to get out of here and to the resistance before those things came back. Those parasites were on their way, when June and her new found survival gang took off. June only knew this because she was watching how the clouds in the sky got dark.

Her mother always said, “When the clouds get dark, the storm is approaching. When the storm is approaching, danger is always near.”

There was some more to it, but that was to be explained later. All June knew right now was that they had to get to the resistance. The resistance had been started way before this parasite had come to Canada. The main reason for it starting they say was that attacks had happened in other countries and they feared it was going to happen to them. Well they were right. June and crew were running down the alley turning to the left path. Down the left path was a forest. Yes, it was odd for a forest to be in the middle of a city, but this city had been let go, so the vegetation had grown outrageous. Once they got into the forest they decided to stop to take a nap and find some food. While Jason was getting some food June opened her journal and wrote as though it something she couldn’t help.

Wow, I can’t believe I was found by my 6th grade crush. It’s just shocking because I thought he moved to the USA. Well that was his plan. Now we are all on the run together. Like fate brought us together again. But fate had also stolen her youth, made her fear everything yet nothing, made her want life ever so much when it was at it’s almost ending, and it made her one of the world’s saddest creatures. Was fate a good thing, or was it bad, maybe it was a little bit of both? We should be with the resistance in about a week, then again we are traveling afoot, so it might take us months. But Claris seems to be tired so I let her sleep, I might want to wake her up now. So well I should be going now, Jason has found some food and I haven’t eaten in days.

June closed the journal to help herself to the flaming fruit that was over the fire thanks to Jason. But just as she was about to take a bite they all heard something off in the distance. It sounded like a women screaming. Jason told June and Claris to get down, while he went to check on it. June and Claris had their heads down for what seemed to be hours when all of a sudden Jason came back running with a grave look on him face. 

He spoke shaky and said, “they…they….those parasites are right over the hill!!!! We need to get out of here now!” 

June grabbed Claris and some food, put out the fire and they were out of there quicker than a rabbit from a fox. They were running in the direction of the resistance. At this rate they would be there in 2 months if they didn’t stop to rest.

It had only been a couple days when they had to stop for food. 

© 2012 Jessica A. Faust

Author's Note

Jessica A. Faust
Also an incomplete work. I would love some help with this.

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