A 2008 Reflection.

A 2008 Reflection.

A Story by Fear Corrupts!

Some of what I have learned in the year of 2008...


  2008 reflection:       Molly Stewart.

           Dec. 30th, 2008. 10:50 PM.


-   Where every human begins, and where every human ends, is in the same place. However, who we are inbetween those two shared places, is where we develop our own exclusive place in this world.     


-  Clinging to the past is not the key to happiness, not the key to success...However, learning from our past, and past experiences, past mistake's,  is how we can lead to a life of happiness, and how we can lead to success....eventually.  


-  S**t happens. Whether you like it or not....But remember this, the more s**t thrown at you, the more powerful, and wiser you become. The ability to use your newly obtained strength, and wisdom, will allow you to get past misfortunes and continue on with your life, to get past the problems.


- From time to time you need to run into sorrow, pain... For if you didn't, you would be living an ignorant life, an ill suited life...What would you learn if you never lost a friend, or ended a relationship? How prepared would you be for an upcoming turn of events if you never had the chance to sulk and think over your problems, learn how to deal and cope with them? You would have a heck of a lot harder time dealing with major trauma if you haven't learned at all how to deal with your stress, and sorrow, through experience.


- A future idea can give you hope, motivation, and the ability to focus....Which will rise you above present dilemma's, critisim, & bad situations....However, having too high of expectations for the future, & preparing too much for the future, can sometimes lead to false hope, and a waste of youth....

"Rise above, with your future plans, but always remember to live in the moment, as much as you can"


- The clock never stops ticking, no matter what...So do what you can while you have the chance, live the life that you want to live, while you still do have the time.







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Fear Corrupts!
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Added on December 30, 2008
Last Updated on January 7, 2009


Fear Corrupts!
Fear Corrupts!

Wastedville, Canada

''Often what defines one's wisdom is not what one knows, but what one can predict " "Don't let other people determine your actions or alter your personality. Your reputation belongs to you, and is .. more..