This Mountain

This Mountain

A Poem by felioness

Once the clouds pass....

Standing before me
a great cloud lingers on a mountain
My stance is firm
Stoically I watch shadows 
flickering before me 
dolorous effigies of a darker time
There is peace in surrender
but, only the foolhardy give up and die,
take the pain 
feel the sting
so much sharper than a pissed-off bee
but for all that is sacred … stay alive
My stance is firm
I relive each moment drifting by
My follies, humiliations
I let them out 
I scream,
I cry
Supplication alone cannot pierce the veil of the unseen
Our futures cryptic; not privy to the likes of mortals
But relentlessness holds the key 
My stance is firm
I inhale the life-giving air sustaining me
Though at times a lousy actor on a slippery stage
I supply the script, direct my path, buy the ticket 
and dance to the music of actuality
Grab the golden ring 
on this merry-go-round of life,
take chances, be relentless … 
be all you can be
and live!
Live like there is no tomorrow
Live like clouds are episodic and the sun will shine again
Live like a celebrity!
Awaken each morning 
with a handshake promised to tomorrow,
Life’s a casino of chance, a casino of change and risk,
with outcomes hovering somewhere in-between 
Standing before me
clouds linger on the mountain
but my stance is firm
Stoically I watch until they pass, and, 
present the mountain's lofty peak

© 2019 felioness

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Being a mountaineer myself I appreciated and enjoyed your poem F. Climbing a mountain like this one does feel like a metaphor for life ups and downs and you go through all kinds of emotions. After you have saved each others lives as few time relationships take on a new significance.There are lots of great images in here.
Well done - you have reached the summit!

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you! Thanks for the read!
Some love the heights, some love the 'fear' such heights can induce.

Having the self-confidence to bear the path one follows - walk-the-talk... can be quite rare for some heights. Companions to share our paths is ever our hope.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Hear hear brother! Thanks for the read!

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