Help isn't on the way

Help isn't on the way

A Poem by Sarah

Streets are burning with another raid.

Killing of innocent souls,

All for a greater purpose.

When did we change ways from being people,

To being the ones that play god?


Where in our preamble did it state,

Kill anothers happiness,

Strip liberty from their grasp.

Burn their bulidings,

And have to pay.


What once was a game,

Has turned into bloodied war.

What has always been in our minds,

Has turned into the monsters on our backs.


Turn another look at where you live,

The fighting is oversea's,

But nothing is being done here.

Crime is risen high,

And no one hears your cries.

They just keep telling you help is on the way.

Another dawn breaks,

But the sky fills with the crimson color,

Its all that can be seen.


Buildings are destroyed,

The market you used to steal fruit from,

Is in shambles.

Family's dying in the street,

Childern crying out in hunger,

Parents crying out in pain.

All along the way the kept telling you help is on the way.

Where is the help that you so desperately seek,

When our soldiers are away.

There is no one to protect you,

No heat, no buildings and no help on the way.

Your alone while their off to fight another day.

They lied when they said help was on the way.

© 2011 Sarah

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*GROWLS!* When are people going to wake up and realize that all the chaos is their fault? All because they have lost faith&belief in God and now believe in 'themselves'

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on January 31, 2011
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