The Thrall

The Thrall

A Poem by Francis V

Epic Poetry


From an epic poem:

The Endinoir


So whence became that Ire?

The Ire wont spurred within

Of dissolute propensity we'd show?

In thy such feebler being;

Can thou of office hold

A dire adverse 'gainst he whom sovereign yields?

Yea! and to evince this truth,

I must needs pay to myself a vision of erst:


Hour 'pon hour she,

A fairness would cater

And tend. So oft, that Day in dismiss wept

Fleeting the measur'd turn.

And in his vista,

Would behoof naught of her gamesome frolic

'Pon that grand and verdant host

whereof to illuminate; burned his grand delight.


With surfeit vanity

Belike lived she inured,

Paying neither debt to Host nor bold Day.

Albeit at times would she 

In fancy yearn for low

Company, wherein her countenance could

They; it's fairness extol.

Such had she bethought herself in wile design.


But Day would pass sullen,

Whilst the Host beheld her sole.

And indignant grew Day's fiery eye

Of jealousy whence spewed

Torrid climes, that sunder

Rend the Hosts' rind, annual thenceforth.

Her semblance yet, grew naught dusky

When in parch'd fields, the Host; had her encompassed.


And pale was all her skin,

(For needs the sin wont

Clings to device and shan't of scarce prevail.)

Thus, every bit in tact

Her fair Visage Of Woe

Wherewith on kin; it's property endowed.

So here the birth is to be told

How thence became engendered all posterity.


When she upon the host

Her seed malignant sowed

That stately grew anon to morbid trees,

Progeny thence afar

Proliferated and

Abound was found her pernicious design

Whom she insensate; scorned of true.

Then tow'rd her conscience, daughter Rue careered apace.


These children fawned her not,

For she did scarce account

The faculty of greed she'd them endue.

Thence grew she hoary and

decrepit all around

And to usurp her stead; her heir naught loth

Serried and expatiated.

Then thus there reigned the children Vain and Miser


Whom industriously

Suffused liberal doctrine;

This contagion on the Hosts' expanse.

Whilst their predecessor,

Immured in manacles;

Died bewailing that mischance redounded.

With tears upon the Host ere death,

Sued she, the bright Day for life illimitable.


Day 'pon ado consents,

Mauger her sly intrigues.  

His consort now she's, and in consummation

Sires Night, who's beauty;

Lustful Day tries pursue

Indefatigably thenceforth till death.

So whensoever Day is present

Night egresses cowardly lest she'd be ravaged.


Congruent Time careered

Among the Host till Day

Espied, in turns; the methodology

Or roves of carefree Night.

And once caught unaware,  

She; incessant wailings would often bleat

Through this, the seldom ravishing. 

And those 'pon the Host testified to the Eclipse.


Thence were born Dusk and Dawn

Whom through filial way,

Surveyed much of Day and interposed on

Him from Night's delay.

Kept they just umpire, son

And daughter when at fixture kept arrayed

Those far excursions of his haunts.

Could then their father; his conflagrance safely vaunt.


From wild rovings, the climes

Would of the Host enshroud.

Then was at last, that fervid child seen betimes;

Lamenting winter drought.

Sundry colors benign

Upon the Host, in synergy; devout.

And their varnishing of flowers,

Had upon the Host; a kinder fragrance showered.


All was color and scent

and beauteous and gay

The gleeful Veona, of love; consents.

Amiable with day

She, of his grand beam; rents

And of it spreads sorts of joyous assays

Till then was all of amity

But anon deficiencies lurked therein; pravity!


For there, them; the host's guests

Were of Vain and Miser

And of this peace, like parasites; arrest

and consume the milder

pleasantries of it's nest.

They, a sexual liberty; wider

Spersed among their brethren afar

And ne'er would they deign adherence to a one tsar.


Then, was not one virgin

Found in the verdant Host.

All them in lascivious perversion;

feigned emotions. Engrossed

In waxing profusions

Of material gain to grow their boasts.

At men, they scowled in their disdain

And fathers, all were subject to this coarse profane.


Thence grew erupt, amiss,

Ire; daughter of azure

Eyes that evok'd of them; a mother's glist.

And far from shy demure

When of her edifice

And doctrine spake. The wicked tongue obdure

in fallacy, assailing with,

To privity familial; the rue of birth.


Then one addictive drug

Syring'd into her veins.

In transient ecstasy, thro' rooms afug

Roam'd she all void of pain

And dismay within snug

Delight. Till east 'pon a precipice came

Whence peeled she her pride; her visage!

Her beauty, she vouchsafed to this dream; this mirage.


She dug deep in that hole;

Where umbilical chord

Was erst torn. Forthwith, all wan; heard death's knoll

And thus sung to the lord

Thrice verse a poet's toll:

"So then, finally I stray from the hoard!

'Tis a shame I was procuring

This semblance vain and facile; aught but enduring!"


Then in a moment's waste,

Down lunged the faceless wretch,

And truth were her intestines that in haste,

Miles of apt an outstretch'd 

convolution; rac'd.

And thus sped this hapless girl's embowel'd retch

'Pon the host whom could succor naught!

For he himself, through years and years; grew pomp and haught


Thro' the soil's contamination

Of the anti-altruism

Deep indued in roots of her plantation.

Thus became the schism,

Thus the dissolution

Our mother employ'd with her ultraism.

And she wish'd not to taint her blouse

With streaks; the sanctified sanguine, that came pour'ng down.


"In this richly estate a pastoral scene 

Before thine eyes laid, of fledglings warbling 

Thro' dewy air and briskly morn. Then the 

Creakings of those among them no longer 

Stretch the eager wake, but revel their newly 

Shapen buds in twilight baskings. Of all the 

Featured hosts suppos'd of a natural 

Order, the fowl's domestic boisterings 

Resound, in wont haunts; the invitation of 

The Day, the prosecution of the Night. 

And to their virgin vista, a mansion of 

Lofty a stature and high repute wherein 

Calmly reside the proprietors known by 

Names of renown and of noble decent.

Alberich Brignhem, common patrician and 

Father to a one Brignhem family. 

His wife Lucida Duvan, daughter to the 

Wealthy Belmont Of Cantra. Of them were 

Engendered a: LetimoRigurdeEdmonde

RosalynMenos and Galen. All born to 

The Brignhem name and each to them a thrall was 

Installed for personal whim and lived they all 

Inmates unto this household. Here was seen 

Roslyn Brignhem. Twelve were the seasons 

She'd seen, twelve were the years of her fairness 

Waylaid thenceforth. Unsightly a semblance 

She, with commensurate soul that ill sought 

On those that virtue had. Behind thence, followed 

Vian the servant, aged in similitude; 

Whom shadows a sorrow long since kept within. 

Must it be known? Must I needs tell? Gorgeous 

Indeed was Vian, a tragic beauty 

Ineffable. Resplendent hair shimmering 

A gloss fairer than beryl of translucent 

Cognac. So pure a child like a primrose in 

The barren expanse of contiguous 

Waste fields she was. Lurida, Vain in all 

Societal standings; oft immured this 

Young thrall in the mansion's darksome cellar 

Lest her beauty outweighed that of her unkept 

Kin. The Cellar Of Repentance knew Vian's 

Years well, but knew her woes far better, for 

In it dwelled she that gloomy childhood. And could 

No good arbitor; judge and weigh then the 

Twain in evenings of pomp, should untimely 

Guests of the far off Cantra visit this 

Household. Withal, the eldest of brothers 

Rigurde, would oft times lust after the thrall. 

They; father and sons would all try force to their 

Barbarisms and wanton cravings. To 

Those crucial nights the struggle she'd persist 

Merited but fiercer whips of contempt and 

Only spurred lust further, but to feverish 

Nights of theirs, her innocence was paid, and 

She all loth in throes of anguish; pleaded to 

The heavens time and again. "Far into the 

Eyes of devils I lo" she cried one such time 

"To what avail, all this? To what avail this 

Life of mine if naught but pain and servitude 

Must be of me? But in some nook or plain, 

High or low; mayst i've yet to find thee god; 

Amercing injustice among me, my race. 

And they, thy chosen, thy loved; brood evil 

Among us and force us to resort with 

Evil. We know not their surreptitious 

Workings, that we are slaves of theirs is enow,

And unjustly born into such by thy 

Decree. Why then, is it so? Thy chosen.. 

Doth law repeal perchance to them who are 

Loved by thee? For here I am to thee a 

Daughter, deprived of all her infancies 

(Infinities), toiling thro' days evermore, 

Yet repose ne'er eases the weary shoulders 

Of my race. And once again they take from us; 

My precious spirit!" Such were the pains of this 

Child, but heaped still the ados, for Jealousy 

Governed Roslyn's execrable views. 

Rosa' whom since enamored with Rigurd, 

Her elder brother; suppressed a baser 

Rancor that oft surfac'd in public scolds of 

Condescension. "Here" she'd declare among a 

Throng "Is the culmination of all servile 

Progeny! Well within this obsequious 

Slave can there be found riveting tales of 

Humility meek and bore. And with one 

Look can I presage result to this public 

Chide. Run! run and cry! for she's void of other 

Prospects! And well could some say, this foresight 

Falter; had not coy diffidence fraught her 

Mortified face now. And lo! Have all the 

Gods no mercy still? They deem fit vouchsafe 

Me worser hindrance, for blindness smote that 

Timid eye of hers and thus hath she the 

Deficiency only to witness the half 

Of her slights." All those lax in morality 

Tittered and scoffed, but few pitied the slave then. 

Thus, oft would they wither the soul of the child 

And oft would the men try restless the win of 

Her affection, long lived she under this 

Hostile manner. The slave would spurt frightening 

Tantrums of tears through many a grim night, 

Whereof notions grim; tantalized her wrought 

Fancy. Imaginings ghast of beauteous 

Ends and wan erasure, to and fro all 

Memory, all opprobrium lurked she the 

Vast amount of stern pondering; the rue of 

Existence. Like Elektra whom in dwellings 

Of incessant self-torture, bemoans a 

Mother's betrayal and finds the industry 

Of life; a prolonged and tedious one, 

So too was this lowly thrall bereaved of 

Prospects in the circuit of saddened thought and 

Continuance. One such night of daunting grief, 

A like pang of overwhelming tide despaired 

Her mind within The Cellar Of Repentance

Thence of darkling shadows and dwindling 

Hope; anon appeared an apparition 

Pure and grand, donned with sable rags chenille and 

Pelts, dissembling much the frame and visage of 

This ghostly boy. This incorporeal 

Figure who would outreach to absolve the 

Gaining tears from ruddy gone cheeks and remit 

Perchance a temporal suffering, made her 

Submit to his aura effulging here thus 

Far; of chivalrous grace and magnanimous 

Deed. Hope had paved there enow, millions of 

Promenades and millions of thresholds ere since 

Not dared fathomed by fancies intimid like 

Hers. With fascination, some inopportune 

Interview and open disclosure sought 

She thence. "Who art thou?" She inquired "Whence 

Hast thou come?" But he hearkened not and knelt 

Instead, ne'er deigning to lave her foot's wound and 

Gird a herb medicinal round so that a 

Respite should befall her execrable pain. 

Then from the conscience within; sprung a shame that 

Held her ablush. A coexistence she 

Repelled of inequality from lowly 

Standards she'd been inured to of bounty 

Subservience. Hence, this unknown affection 

Of tenderness affrighted a concealed 

Core of emotions unfamiliar 

Within her, But still he impelled submission 

To the succor of his, and fell she fathoms 

Deep in the pleasur'd ecstasy of care. 

Then offer'd he some sustenance for vigor 

And subsistence, whereof she fed in a 

Most impetuous way of his divine 

Ambrosia. Grapes, bread and of honey she 

Feasted and of red wine she drunk to color 

The palate, to broaden the mind. Then came 

Thereafter, the speech of the boy much austere 

And exhorted. "The longest while, you must be 

Of fortitude!" Said he. "Strong and unyielding, 

For that beauty within that you kindle; 

I should fear it lastly to extinguish. 

Though by the unguarded flank of yours stand I 

Poised to adversities dire; the matter 

Of endurement is solely yours. Then when 

Much of toil has cumbered you and much of this 

Age has seen you wise and cunning, shall there 

You find me once more; shall there you see me 

Reunite with your Fire." Thus spake the 

Sapient boy of promises when he 

Kissed the chapped and irresolute lips of the 

Slave. Speechlessly rendered and dumbstruck; the 

Thrall oped her circumfused lids with spangled 

Eyes eager to meet that of his, whom in the 

Dark had vanished and left her with vivid 

Memories wont to recur the impact that 

He of his conference left. Exhaustion ruled 

Over the limbs and feeble attempts to crawl 

Intermitted when she, forlorn, wept herself 

Into some belated slumber. Thence, bestirred 

Of the Dawn; had she surprise within five 

Digits some forgotten emblem, dexterously 

Emblazoned with hieroglyphics unseen, 

Unapprehensive and foreign to her 

Faculties. "And of a day I sing!" she said 

"Oh! of a day indeed! That from thy arms, 

Perchance the blanket from my sorrows, may 

I with hap; urge them to environ one 

Undeserving creature such as I. That of 

Thy hands, the mitigatiors of cruel wounds, may 

I mere sip; libations of Vitae from thy 

Bounty soul. That of thy legs, thy stalwarts of 

My weighty woe; may I try incentivize; 

A lengthened stay to see of my eternal 

Obeisance. That of thy feet, thy deigning 

Sojourners of foul concrete, may I belike 

Inspire: an unsheathing, to know that these 

Servile lips; upon them willingly reside. 

Yea! of this very second in time and 

All that thenceforth, I am thine. So of thy 

Affairs, there is my permanent lot and 

Of thy strict command, there is my ceaseless 

Obedience. Oh! bounteous master! 

Hear me now, and mark of these words a solemn 

Truth. To thee I am devout and to thee 

I shall aspire featly agencies. 

Hence shall I pursue thee now in e'ry 

Enterprise wherewith enow hap shall see 

Me at thy side, and so my thoughts until the 

End of them, shall never stray from thee. To 

And fro, long and short, all excursions and 

Wanderings to find thee." She ended thus in 

Silent zeal, clinging to the emblem. Time 

In it's passing witnessed five seasons and 

Among them, Rosalyn grew into interests 

Of warfare. She had become brawny and 

Officious all round, that a glance could daunt 

Men even of healthy a stature. In all 

Her had desires she wished of it most to 

Levy for service in Cantra, and so 

Did it pass, but through those seasons she of 

Jealousies; grew bitter and began with 

Intrigues. Vian, whom with seemliest blithe and 

Indifference had he Rigurd, entranced in the 

Years of her blossom; would not surmise of 

The events to take place erelong. And sailed 

Thence they, Rosalyn and Vian across the 

Encircling Gulf Of Rumeda that 

Took on course of threefold a dusk and dawn. 

Now, there were hidden woods by the coast of 

Cantra that Rosalyn knew too well. They 

were called The Woods Of Bhar (wherein that lowly 

Descendant long ago lost his cherished life) 

And the Night poured her heavenly gleams upon

Those shadowy depths, chequering an umbrage

With mighty teal and paleness. Calmly sowing 

Sorts of pleasantries or heaps of delight

For some want creature to enjoy. But oh! the

Antithetic Scene withal of bitter and 

Sweet, how Death sung her grisly sonnets in 

Adverse concert with Nature's beauteous 

Overtures to foil some placidity here.

And so it turned to be, that they along 

The glistened ford eastward came, to ominous 

Coverts. Wherein pilfering knaves sit wont 

To behoof of unassuming lasses

And wanderers, albeit a greater 

Peril even, ensued. But in some reverie 

Of love, was she transfixed; that like a dream held 

Her captive and entranc'd of some gawking 

Wonderment of he in growing fantasies 

Of these. And long ere the senses gathered, 

She'd been smote and confounded laying amid 

The profluent ford. Time and again her 

Master smote in frenzied ire with each 

Tear nearing forever an absolution 

Of pent indignancies, with each moan; the 

Avenged integrity sings paeans of glee. 

Anon this glut for harm had sated, and thus 

Complacency usurped. Whence reveled she

For minutes in that presumed circumvention; 

That belated death, but erelong egressed.

Then, prone on the ford; a slave in piteous 

Weeping recounting what of Nature's descry, 

And those beads of woe glitter'd like the selfsame 

Ford on her grievous countenance, then find 

Themselves riding amid the straggling hair, 

Or coalescing with a voluminous

Family of theirs. Oh the ignominy 

Placed here In lonesome scenes! the memories 

Flashing like deafening shrills of the old 

Clarion! like dazzling exposure to the 

Day. And so began the brooding of a 

Torpid soul in conjecture immutable, 

All the impious sins trying another 

Mouldering of the heart. Vain, Miser, Rue, 

Discord, Ire, Guile, Vengeance.. Oh cruel Vengeance! 

How was it thou entered the tattered fancy 

Of the child? And Ire, thy subsidiary; 

To blossom thy wiles? In thy gloom for hours 

Gazing into darken'd depths, unflinching 

And compos'd of purpose. From that desolate 

Source birthed survival; a long subconscious 

Fabrication of alternate being. The 

Doctrine of a childhood chang'd; forsaken 

There in the ford and out emerged a monster. 

Unrelenting, inclement, to man and 

Woman; unforgiving. One sole hope of 

Re-encounter, one sole loyalty, one sole 

Love retained; that precious boy! Whence urged her 

Motive and life's enterprise. Yea! here began 

The impostur'd emprise! There stood she on the 

Gather'd sanguine, poised with an insensate 

Adrenaline, then darted toward Vengeance. 

Mire after mire, through mist and murk apace, 

All creatures paled in frigid fright at the 

Rage of hers! From the hind was smote one jaunty 

Rosalyn, whom in the mud amid now lay 

All tremulously. The slave doffed herself, 

Doffed the master and began with horrid 

Designs. Severing limb and base with all 

Empassion'd care; thro' the flesh, thro' the muscle, 

Thro' the bone, thro' the marrow. Rosalyn 

Beseeching the slave, and Vian undisturbed

In the harm-inflicting agency. Thence 

Into delirium thrown; the mind of 

Rosalyn, fading into nothingness. 

The vociferous groans; curtail'd and quelled, 

The moonbeams englistening a gorgeous 

Scarlet all the while, indulging in that 

Bloodied euphoria. Frolicking amid, 

Delighting in the artful scenes of Rosa's 

Erasure. Long after the demise came a 

Contemplative repose in the nearby 

Brook wherein impurities were scoured and 

Absolved. Her body like a nymph laved in the 

Pleasanter regions of these woods; clasping the 

Aforementioned emblem. But now erelong, 

Donned she the raiments of Rosa and egressed 

The condemned Woods Of Bhar, arriving upon, 

Thro' short excursion; the citadel of 

Cantra, wherefrom the fortified walls an 

Inquiring voice; spoke thus. "Who art thou?" And 

To this; the resourceful thrall answered succinct..

My Name Is


-Francis V

© 2019 Francis V

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Why demise?.. why demise? Why demise?

Posted 1 Month Ago

Francis V

1 Month Ago

Post it again
Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise?

Posted 1 Month Ago

Francis V

1 Month Ago

Post it again
Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise? Why demise?

Posted 1 Month Ago

Francis V

1 Month Ago

Post it again
The white sphere spoke me wonders. Please sympathize!!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Francis V

1 Month Ago

You'll regret it...
Francis V

1 Month Ago

Dont tell them. They dont deserve to know.
Francis V

1 Month Ago

Just post it damn it!!!

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