A Night In Hell Part 1

A Night In Hell Part 1

A Story by Kirby Inc.

Zenton, City of Magic

   Our meeting with Lady Flina apparently afforded us some measure of protection, for we were allowed to pass through the streets unobstructed. We were met by cold, angry stares around every corner as we searched for an inn to spend the night as far from the oppressive air of this city as we could. We stayed close to each other, our eyes scanning those passing by for any signs of trouble.

   I felt Amy squeeze my hand next to me. I squeezed back to reassure her. “This silence, these stares,” she whispered, “Its frightening…I feel like these people could snap at a moment’s notice and attack us!”

   “They won’t attack us…for now,” Dan spoke up, his pendant active.  “Let’s just try not to overstay our welcome...”

   “We beat ‘em once, we can do it again!” Emily said, trying to lighten the mood.

   “Now is not the time to be picking fights, Emily!” scolded Dan.

   While Emily and Dan bickered, I looked over at the other two. Amelia was smiling, in fact she looked happier than I’d ever seen her…then I noticed why. She was holding Ryan’s hand, and poor Ryan’s face was a deep shade of crimson.

   “Hey…” I whispered to Amy, “Look at the lovebirds over there!”

   “Awww!” she exclaimed, noticing Ryan and Amelia holding hands, “They’re so cute together!”

   “Ooooh!” Emily squealed, noticing Ryan and Amelia as well, “Someone’s in LOVE!”

   “H-Hey! It wasn’t my idea!” Ryan stammered, his face blushing a deeper shade of crimson, “She said she was nervous, so I…well…“

   The oppressive air of the city seemed to lessen as the mood lightened. We spent the rest of our walk laughing and getting on Ryan’s case, making the trip an enjoyable one. Before we knew it we had reached an inn near the city gates. It was a bit out of the way, but it was a place to stay, and we were worn out, so we headed inside to book our rooms.

   “Ah, welcome!” a gravely voice greeted us as we entered the inn. The owner of the voice was an older man with light blonde hair who walked with a cane. “I’ve been expecting you! Your rooms are ready!”

   “Wait, you knew we were coming? Who are you?” I asked him.

   “My name is Gregory, manager of this hotel!” he smiled, “And do forgive me for surprising you, m’lady Flina knew you would be coming and arranged some rooms for you! Tonight, you are guests in my inn courtesy of Lady Flina!”

   “I guess she does owe us…” Ryan muttered, remembering the ordeal at the Flinton arena.

   “Ah yes, your rooms!” Gregory produced three keys and handed them to us. “And do forgive the other guests here if they are rather cold to you. The people of Zenton are very proud, bordering on arrogance, and you bruised their ego today. It will take some time for that to heal.” Gregory turned and hobbled toward a door behind the front counter of the inn. “Oh, and do enjoy your stay now!” With that, Gregory disappeared through the door and we were left alone.

Later that night…

   Gregory yawned, and lit the old rusty lantern he had fetched from the storeroom earlier in the day. “I suppose it’s time to do my rounds,” he yawned, hobbling out from behind the counter. He traversed the bottom floor surprisingly quick for a man with a limp, stopping outside a door midway down the east hall of the ground floor. This was where Emily and Amelia had settled for the night, Amelia still bubbling with excitement from the time spent with Ryan earlier in the day. Satisfied, he continued to the second floor of the inn. At the far end of the 2nd floor east hall was Dan and Ryan’s room, where Ryan had quickly secluded himself after being thoroughly embarrassed earlier. Again satisfied, Gregory continued to the 2nd floor west hall. He stopped outside a door partway down the hall; Matt and Amy’s room. They were slightly embarrassed about sharing a room again, but Gregory had insisted. After all, separating everyone as much as possible was integral to his plan. Satisfied everyone was asleep, Gregory returned to his office and produced a pendant from a locked drawer. This pendant was different than the rest; It was made of pearls, and had a clear, oval-shaped jewel on it, but no symbol. As Gregory touched the jewel, a dark mist began to swirl violently inside the jewel.

   “Time to wreak a little havoc, kids!” he said as he put the pendant on.

   “It’s a shame, really,” Gregory mocked as the darkness seeping from his pendant spread through the inn, altering its appearance. “If only you hadn’t agreed to help Flina, I wouldn’t have to kill you! But it’s too late for regrets…prepare to succumb to your fears!”


© 2010 Kirby Inc.

Author's Note

Kirby Inc.
An entry into Matthew W.'s contest "Fan-fiction me". I originally intended this to be a preview of the full story, but it's actually long enough to constitute a full chapter, I think. The first part of the chapter is my attempt to gauge the personality of Matthew's characters, and the second part introduces my contribution to the story.

(the contest)
(...and the book)

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Kirby Inc.
Kirby Inc.


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