In Real Life

In Real Life

A Story by Gavin Keary

I wrote this last night after one of my deep thought sessions. A lot of this is taken from my real life, so it is very personal. It will be in chapters, so I hope to put up some more of these.


Do you know that point in your life when you find out that the world isn't all sunshine and daisies? When, all of a sudden, everything doesn't seem to go your way all the time like it used to? Of course you do.
    It startes when your 13. Your not a kid anymore, your a teenager. Your body starts to change and so does the world around you.
The people begin to reveal the side of themselves you thought they could never have. Take for example when the cashier at the corner store would always give you a sucker when she saw you. Now, she just hands you your change and your Pepsi bottle and doesn't say another word. Or, when the old ladies that lived next door would give you a quarter to rub your cute red hair. Now they look at you as if you would toilet paper their house for the fun of it. Yes you know what I mean. In today's world, your society tires and define you. They give you a name, or brand you, and most of the time you live up to what they believe. Now, I'm not saying it is entirely their fault. They just tell you what they expect of you. It ultimately is up to you to live up to those expectations. However, what they say does impact and influence what you do.
    Still dont believe me? Well then, let's go a little further in time. Your 16 and your in your sophmore year of high school. The kids of your graduating class are starting to settle in and decide who to hang with. They seem to mature. After all, it's high school and everyone knows these are supposed to be the best years of your life. That, my friends, is where you are wrong.

And this is where I leave you until the next chapter.


© 2008 Gavin Keary

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You hooked me in right away. A good first sentence to begin your story. Looking forward to reading more! Barbara

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on April 9, 2008


Gavin Keary
Gavin Keary

Some of my major inspiration would have to be my life in general, other people's lives (I am fascinated by other people's lives). Authors that I look up to would be Tolkien, Poe, Spider Robinson,.. more..

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