What is Love

What is Love

A Poem by Gerry Legister

All about the concept of love and the interpretation it conveys


What is love? Love is a portrait of art and love is precious.

Love is amazing poetry, simple imagery of alluring beauty,

Love is wonderful presentation filled with nice surprises,

Love is the first duel in the field to conquer honour and duty.


Love comes at dawn with welcome arms full of charm.

Love lives in the land of glory, by bristly heroic sacrifices,

Love is a language the conscious noun use of genres from,

Love is a life light until our soul eclipses the eternal skies.


Before pall bears, shadows fall smouldering ashes in a fire,

Love is the vows we make and the vows that we will shun,

Requiem powers of the dead lend strength to the survivor,  

Love is in colours of the rainbow that glows for every nation,


Love is the scroll on which romantics wrote symphony of notes,

Love is the road on which they walk towards elusive goal,

Love is the boat on which they serenade carnival floats,

Love is in the air on streets of gold catching snow and windfall.


Love is many laughs and as many cries we treasured most,  

Love is risk and adventures floundering in the sleepless night,

In a chasm of abyss leap the soul above incarceration mist,

Clasped the fantasy that yearns for passion in secret delight.


Love is a cloud on which birth surprisingly thrives on earth,

In time, our emotions tear down the walls on which it stood,

Until we go back in reincarnation blur along the same path.

And consume the hearts splitting off into tiny pieces of good.


Love is a mixture hidden deep in faith, of belief small or great,

Unhinged the carriage driven by mortals in athleticism flame,  

The contagious nectar of taste refined more palatable than hate,

In rhapsody of human glory, the acumen brings no shame.


If you had love? Would you give it away or keep it as a gift?

Finding ways through prison bars up the stairs and into the stars,

Love is too costly to waste scratching your head tearing at yourself,

From the almighty plan, it is our needful breath of joy and tears.


© 2015 Gerry Legister

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Added on December 7, 2015
Last Updated on December 7, 2015
Tags: Joy, teas, heartache, happiness, splendour


Gerry Legister
Gerry Legister

Sheffield , Silver Spring , Jamaica

Gerry is a gifted poet, who defines the difficulties of life with the simplicity of living by faith, his inspirational writing and artistic rendering has inspired many to find deeper faith in their be.. more..