Energetic Conversations

Energetic Conversations

A Poem by Gilad Levanon

Wednseday afternoon ramblings.

Words are most often meaningless
But they are seldom if ever feelingless
As you and I have this conversation
I unfold my senses to ascertain its deeper manifestation

Frivolous topics and trivial subjects
Revolving around abstract ideas and intangible objects
We laugh we we joke and we tease
Some of us try to condescend but most try to please

Our personalities shaped by a lifetime of subtle nuances
Interplay and interweave in a cosmic tree of infinite branches
A multifaceted polydimensional ocean of energetic interraction
An interconnected organism of metaphysical abstraction

We are but conduits of a galactic web of imagination
Experiencing the same energy pervading in different tones
Interacting with itself to realize itself and enjoy its creation
And manifest the emotionality of joy of discovering unknowns

Take nothing personally
Read the subtle shifts in energy
And see the games that the spirits do play
And know there is nothing hurtful I can say

If you read my words down to their core
(And you will always uncover forever more)
You will come to find
That everything I may think I dislike in you
Is only a form of confusion in my own mind

At the core my words know their true intention
Even if it is sometimes obscured by my apprehension
And their intent is clear and real
And it is something I will never be able to fully reveal

But in simple terms
This is the best I can do
I love you

© 2012 Gilad Levanon

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Added on November 7, 2012
Last Updated on November 7, 2012
Tags: cosmic, universe, conversation, energy, philosophy, quantum physics, metaphysics, people, personality, ego, fear, judgement, love, truth, deception


Gilad Levanon
Gilad Levanon

South Africa

I'm interested in finding the ultimate question. I know the answer's 42 but "What is six times seven?" doesn't satisfy me. more..