The Death of Nature

The Death of Nature

A Poem by Raven

it about humans destroying the planets Earth


The Death of Nature

I am at warming.

I am in pain.

My home is broken apart.

I am dying.

I try and fight against  this disease that killing me.

So I sent out a huge storm to wipe away every human beings.

I hate every human being who tries, to kill me.

I am in rage against human beings.

I am tried.

This weakness is killing me.

When I cry, it becomes the rain.

No one cares about the Earth.

All they care about is how to make much money.

I am in pain.

I am in danger.

No one hears my cry.

No one hears my scream.

No one care about me.

My home is disappearing right before my eyes.

My rainforests are disappearing.

My wildlife that I have grown up with are disappearing.

I don't understand why do so many wildlife species have to die for money.

Human beings are so greedy.

I have lost everything.

I have lost my home.

I have lost my life.

I have lost everything i grew up with.

I will never get my home back, never again. 

I am homeless.

I am angry.

I am depressed.

I am in tears.

I am in pain.

I am things that you call Nature.

I am the grass that you touch.

I am the tree that you see and grow.

All my life was my job to take care of the planet Earth.

But I faulted at that I lost my touch.

My Ice lands are melting and I can't do anything to stop it.

I was for to be the protected of the Earth and all Nature.

My beautiful polar bears are dying because i didn't catch the warming at the beginning.

Now I am in pain from the greenhouse gas that is killing me from the inside, outside.

I can't hold on for very long.

My life is end quick and painful.

Please help me, I can't help myself.

I am alone.

I am weak.

I can't take care of myself.

I have no one who could help me.

I am slowly disappearing.

My lands are are disappearing.

My plants are disappearing.

I can't handle this pain any longer.

The Climate is Changing very fast.

My ice lands are melting very fast.

I can't help myself and I watching my world disappearing right before my eyes.

Please someone help me.

As this disease eats away at my trees and water I am feeling the effect.

This will never change.

I am dying and It is all because of Humans.

If I am go to dies, I am taking Humanity with me.

Every time I weep, it rains.

No one understands my pain instead me.

I wish someone would understand I have been feeling later.

Humanity has wiped out half of my species of animals, plant life.

There is nothing I can do, I could only hope.

My heart was filled with such hope, and compassion now it is filled with rage, and hate.

I am losing the war against this disease that is taking over my body, mind, and soul.

These wounds that Humanity has given me are weakening my body.

I am called by many names, To The pagan I am the goddess and Mother Nature, and Gaia, But I am Nature.

I am from Mother Nature.

I am guarding of tree of life.

The tree of life is weakening because I am weakening my life is ending.

The life is ending.

The life of many species are dying.

I am a shape shifter.

I am a Nature heart and soul.

I am the Life force that surrounds everything that is creative.

I am the owl that you can hear in the dead of the night.

I am the wolf that you can hear howling in the dead of the night.

I am Nature.

I am the Mother of all living things.

I have lost everything because of humans.

I have lost my home.

The ancient time was simply time.

They used to worship me.

They used to ask and pray for my guidance.

Now they like destroying my home.

Now they like destroying my plant life.

Now they don't worship me anymore.

Now they just love destroying that is in their way.

Who would help me now.

Who would care about me now.

Who would worship me now.

I have no one.

I have no home.

All I have is this disease you call Global Warming.

If no one helps me.

I will be dead.

I have no one turn to, I have no one who cares about me and my home.

I am lost forever.

I will never see this world beautiful again.

My world is ending.

© 2010 Raven

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There are seldom instances when I come across a poem about nature that really captured my attention and didn't bore me. Aside from the grammatical mistakes and misses on punctuation, this is a very intriguing poem. You've established a wonderful relationship between humans and nature. How we (humans) unwittingly destroy nature for our own benefit without knowing that we don't really benefit from our actions. We will one day suffer the consequences of our recklessness.

This poem clearly expressed the pain nature feels under the hands of the humans. Very emotional, though some repeating words may make lines feel exaggerated. It's impressive how you don't shy away from lengthening your poem because it does help express the idea more at times. In the end, it was a well-written poem. Keep it up.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on August 18, 2010
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toronto, ON, Canada

dude I love to paint and draw... I am studying to be a writer .... I mostly write my poems base I my emotions.... oh yeah I am a goth/emo and I am also bi too ... I love to just listen to metal... .. more..