In Rhyme

In Rhyme

A Poem by grayday104

Love poem

I want the things we all crave
Want to let loose and never behave
Want her to smile and send her spark
Have her hand to hold as I fall apart
Want her the love brightens my day
Want her to soar as I slip away
My want is her a want without end
My love to this angel God's golden godsend

A torture a triumph her sweet little smile
It all seems right as I fall for awhile
The smell of her scent
Savored rising sunset
Counting the seconds since we first met

Please lend me your ear and I'll send them sweet nothings
I'll speak of the angel who flies without wings
Grant  me your lips and I'll give them a kiss
Please gift me a moment to love and to miss
Grant me your heart to give you the same
Let's live, love, and enjoy the insane
Show me a shake and I'll give a glance
A little shake to start a dance
I'll give you my love
precious sweet dove
only you I see in the skies above

Tell me what does it take to show how I feel
give you a dream I hurt to have real
Enjoy in a moment where I have as you mine
For you I share my love in each line
I offer this gift you already have
Come on let's go get lost in the gab
Here baring my soul for who I have not
All or nothing claiming each of my thoughts
This quieted heart my carried pain
A name I love but can not claim
Pain, love, this hurt to hold
Pen, paper, and my hunt for fools' gold

I dare to impress a hopeless struck mess
She shines to me sweet as I pray for a meet
The good of her grace the hurt in my haste
The charm of her face my urge for a place
A chance a moment time to say when
My care for her shown sweetly in pen

The rush of a wake
Sweet chills in a shake
Getting lost in a chat
the rush from at bat
Causing a smile falling for awhile
Finding faith in a face the thrill of her chase

Happy and sad my joy filled gloom
I live a dream as reality looms
Her sweet smile my dumb lucked guile
I hope I dream for more then awhile

My love to the smile I never see
My heart's one comfort I know she's happy
Happy and sad a gloom filled serene
I love to have what I've never seen

I'd send you a sparkle to light your life
Pursue out your pleasure while bearing my strife
Combat with pain and the perils of the Earth
Treat you like plunder above things of worth
I'd handle with care as I treat you most fair
Shine by your glory if only I dared
Savor each moment collect all of time
For you I share my care here in rhyme

Lost time and it's thrill
As the seconds tic till
Her face our time one sweet little rhyme
Hear my heart swoon for her in each line

Tell me what does it take to have you as mine
Hear this hurt for you in my rhyme
I'd pay an price
Roll with the dice
Without you my love this heart can't suffice

Fill me poison lock me in tears
Without you my love I only have fear
Fear of a life I hurt to have
Fear of what's gone after the gab
My heart it hurts please take it now
Without you I'll live but just can't see how

Love, time, my dear sweet divine
Love is insane as I've showed here in line
From the thrill of a chase
To a heart hurting haste
Love is a pain I can not erase

Like a moth to a flame enticed by her  trap
Now in her web I lay enwrapped
I maybe crazy and this love cruel
But to this fixated flyer she shines like a jewel

© 2013 grayday104

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Added on January 28, 2013
Last Updated on January 28, 2013
Tags: love, romance, want, crave, rhyme, smile, dedication, fixated, sweet, jewel, divine



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