Genesis 1

Genesis 1

A Poem by I Cast a Shadow

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“Genesis 1”

In the beginning, Men sailed to foreign lands

And scalped the countryside 

And God saw the scalps, that they were good.

And Men said, Let there be cash: and there was cash.

And God saw the cash, that it was good: and God divided the rich from the poor and the rich and the poor were the first day.

And Men said, Let there be internet in the midst of the computers and let it integrate them and this was the second day.

And Men created the handheld monoliths that separated the people into isolated perspectives; away from one another

And Men called these monoliths iPads, magazines, television, advertisement, comedy, drama, propaganda, dietary supplements, sleeping aids, anti-depressants, the food pyramid, facebook, reality shows, zoos, rock ‘n roll, rap, and country music, Italian restaurants, theaters, theatre, sex shops, Mustangs, makeup, high heels, bank accounts, credit cards, rewards cards, and I.D. cards and the tiresome nausea that is humanity was the third day.

© 2013 I Cast a Shadow

Author's Note

I Cast a Shadow
This isn't finished but I thought I would share anyway

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Added on June 6, 2013
Last Updated on June 6, 2013
Tags: religion, genesis, found poem, experimental, christianity, christian, imperialism, human, hatred, nausea, disdain, ipad, ipod


I Cast a Shadow
I Cast a Shadow

Portland, OR

I read classics, science fiction, philosophy, and very little fantasy. I am inspired by Taoism and other Eastern philosophy, anarchy, new concepts, my ancestry, my muse, her family, my own family, .. more..