Lovers deception

Lovers deception

A Story by Hailey Pippitt

Love spells that brought me to this fate, I was so naive I should have known better and yet I was so…. desperate so longing for something bigger than myself. I like those of you reading this started out as the normal teenager. “Normal” ha you can't make a word to describe something that doesn't exist. My story started out at night, but not just any night mind you oh no this was the night that I learned everything we take it for is an illusion including something no darkness is said to beat. Something everyone wants but seldom people find. I learned on this night that Humans are just morbid monsters in disguise and that living along with everything else in this world is painted over to look like a beautiful painting when in reality it's cursed to be a beautiful twisted nightmare in disguise for eternity. What night did I learn this you ask ? The one night a year demons can roam among us and not be noticed, the one one night you can hear sports whispering and see eyes glowing red in the night. The night for scares and people's worst nightmares coming to life or rather taking. This my dear friends is the one night a year where I can't be harmed. This is the glorious blissful night of Halloween.

The kiss I remember like it was yesterday. I had fallen in love with a fairy of darkness. I thought it was a fairytale, but I was wickedly deceived. From That night I was no longer known as Alicia Morgan but Blood Rose. The fairy preyed on your deadly sin. You don't know their name, my sin was lust. The transformation started in my eye. First the white of my eye turned silvery blue, my iris turned into a heart along with my pupil, my eyelids turned pink and green and I lost my eyelashes. I still try to crave my mark of deception out of my face but it never makes progress. I'm still forever haunting people this very night..

© 2020 Hailey Pippitt

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Added on September 13, 2020
Last Updated on September 13, 2020


Hailey Pippitt
Hailey Pippitt

Cottage Grove , OR

I’m 18 almost 19 and have spastic Cerebral palsy. I love to write and share my writing with people. I also love to read and I volunteer at a nursing home and library where I do reviews on books .. more..