Oh, Dear

Oh, Dear

A Poem by Heather Corti

A sestina— a poem of six six-line stanzas and a three-line envoy, with/without rhyme, each stanza repeats end words of the first stanza, in different order.


At the town meeting led by the hare

all gathered around discussing what’s gone a foul

in their land.  Even the cats wanted to lend a paw

to stand against the mean old bear

who uses his strength to bully.  Oh dear

was the consensus, “what will he put us through?”


Each town member came back after going through

all of their cupboards, some were pulling out their hair

after all, they were so small.  Oh dear

they chanted, rabbits, cats and the fowl.

“He bullies us into giving him all, our cupboards are bare”

Cried the children, their ma and their pa.


With tears in their eyes, wiping with both tail and paw

Trying to clearly think all of this through.

It was going to take place, them against bear!

What could they do?  Trip him and pull out his hair?

Because so many years passed the relationship had turned foul

generations had gone by without standing up to him. “Oh dear”.


“But if the bear expects submission” said the wise deer

To all who listened, the children their ma and their pa

“you can outsmart him, rabbits, cats and the fowl,

Put your heads together, rest your fears, and think this through”

“We’ll use what we have” yelled out the hare.

“We have cunning and wisdom to outsmart this bear!”


The day rolled around, into town came the bear.

Waiting for him, the animals all scurried. “Oh dear

With history on his side, the bear grabbed the hare.

Don’t worry kids, this is the plan of their ma and their pa

and all of the children who threw

a large net over the bear turning his plan all a foul!


Now that he’s down out jumped all the rabbits and fowl

Out numbering him by so many, too much for our convict to bare.

Realizing defeat, being out numbered, he threw

in the towel.  “You defeated the bear with bravery” said the wise deer.

“Because you stood up to the bully” said their ma and their pa.

Everyone in the town celebrated, commending the brave hare


Listen you critters, rabbits and hares, cats and fowl

“You too can defeat the bully bear” said their ma and their pa

“Listen to the wise deer and think your actions through.” 

© 2012 Heather Corti

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such a long read, but worth it, Interesting and well written. enjoyed

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 25, 2012
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Heather Corti

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