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Honey Hat

Honey Hat

A Poem by Crowley

I fumbled my way through the day, every day

Cursing my hands of stone

When I don’t shake your hand

Please don’t be offended

I am just saving you a burden 

Telling me my hands need lotion


Twelve miles east of that spot you called Honey Hat

Near a stream, a crystalline rivulet 

The wind spoke to me as I sat pining

I closed my eyes and listened, low on inspiration

The wind told me of Honey Hat

Whispering incantations meant to cure my spirit


My head filled with facts that questioned my perception

Facts that let me see behind the curtain

Damn, that curtain scratched and covered 

When I broke through, I wanted to cry

You warned me not to go to Honey Hat, begged

A soul wants to be beautiful, I told you a thousand times


You spoke of Honey hat in your sleep

Beauty and danger, the truth is constructed of equal parts

You awoke spent, moaning and frothing

Weeping, you said you wished you had never visited

You looked at me knowing I would go

I am not one to disappoint you and your intuition


Parked outside of the pool that was Honey Hat 

I could see a heron wading and eying me with cautious curiosity

I said in a whisper that I wasn’t here to disturb, only to bathe

To my surprise the heron answered me and said, “It’s late”

I replied that redemption doesn’t have a curfew

The heron cocked its head as if in disbelief and sighed


I was sure that Honey Hat was salvation

I was sure that even if for a moment, it would be a poultice

I was sure that I must be worthy of a heart filled

I thanked the Heron and turned away

Walking away I felt as if I traded heaven for a sailor’s fate

I was sure that Honey Hat was not for me


© 2022 Crowley

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Keep going with the attitude and the ones who want to disrupt can get off. I like the mindset. Great work.

Posted 2 Months Ago

as far as I am concerned, these words, this grand bit o prose of yours is nowt short of magnificent sir .. with loads to think about and ponder .. tis most surely one to visit again & again ........................... Neville :)

Posted 2 Months Ago

ahoy there mate...
heaven is just on the horizon, and yet somehow the closer we get to it, the farther away it seems to get.
is the beauty worth the danger?
is taking risks in life worth the consequences to find that heaven? to touch it?
Only each individual can answer that.
thie is a really thought provoking piece, Crowley.

Posted 2 Months Ago

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Added on April 14, 2022
Last Updated on April 14, 2022



Phoenix, AZ

Like to hang out with other writers and see what's what. Have met a lot of good people on this and other sites through the years. Decided to come back and do a little posting and reading. Hit me up i.. more..

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