It Starts Like this

It Starts Like this

A Poem by Crowley

Five o’clock, Septemberish

Football, Toughskins, 

Blue, red, brown, green,

no patches-yet.

The smell of school,

the inside of a new canvas tent.


It’s hot outside.

too hot.

Too hot for new pants.

Autumn forgot the date.

One pencil.

One spiral bound notebook, wide rule, ughh.


I saw Crystal in the hall.

She was my girlfriend last June, four days.

Sixth grade was too early for such.

I called her once in July.

Her mom said she had gone camping.

In the hall, she avoided my gaze.


On the bus, 

Blisters from new Keds.

Going home to what?

At least there would be snacks.

No homework yet,

But chores, always unending.


Dad stops me at the door.


I change my clothes.

Bedtime and I find myself thinking,

about Crystal.

Was she still my girlfriend?

© 2023 Crowley

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Takes me back to my pre-teen days. Not quite so awful as the teen years. All teens suffer the delusion of adolescent immunity from mortality. They believe themselves immortal and indestructible without much regard to consequence or future. They are full of unsubstantiated opinions and rebellious ideals because they want to think they are growing up and need to break those familial bonds of oppression. This poem seems slightly before that time in the rite of passage. But it's coming soon. Toddlers and teens are the most difficult young people to talk to because one thinks they know everything and the toddlers just don't care. (laughing) But life is an adventure eh? If we survive we get to look back one day and say, Oh, well, I was stupid. Youth is wasted on the young. The sour grapes of old age. Great read, I enjoyed.

Posted 1 Month Ago

People say - even in these days of A1 and muddy festivals that- teens and the like are the best times to start adventuring life, to find what it is to feel free until home with eyes glued on your every move! How many of us forget those first beings that set fire to what had laid dormant since birth! Oh that strange feeling, that everlasting search to retrieve it ever after.. unless the luckiest human ever! Your writing is incredibly moving, real and so worth learning, Crowley! Memorable!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Beautiful school days pages. Great poem 👍

Posted 2 Months Ago

This is an amazing empathetic rememberance of late childhood. Filled with atmosphere and sometimes wonder. It is incredibly relateable even for someone over this side of the pond.

Posted 2 Months Ago

A child's experience of a new school year, young love, and the simple routines of life, leaving us with a sense of curiosity about the ever-changing nature of emotions.

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Living in Phoenix and it can still be over a 100 degrees come October, you miss the cues of autumn a.. read more
Farjana Shah Chaity

2 Months Ago

My pleasure!
Ah, the trials of the thirteenth year. And it gets worse after that.

Posted 2 Months Ago

And they say these were the greatest days of our life C!!!!
I remember the Crystal's, the what's going on and the knots of unknowing gnawing away at our gut, and we were meant to pay enough attention to pass our exams too!!! Why is it that every adult used to be a kid, but completely forgets what it was like to be one?
If anyone were here, I'd stomp off to my room and bang the door in unison, but Katie's next door and I'd only have to answer all those why questions, that would only lead her to shake her head, because she's one of those growded ups too! 😊
Now, Where's the pepto bismol? 😊

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Lol... I have one of those too! Thanks Lorry!

Ahh' those halcyon days of teenage uncertainties .. when love, lust and longing were at the forefront of our every waking moment .. when every blink was an eyelash flutter and swish of a cotton & polyester skirt a come on challenge and potential opportunity .. invariably missed .. and then, there were the chores .. all of em precursors to proper dating, marriage and slow demise .. You are absolutely write Cowley, It starts like this ... Brill and I aint talkin fish neither .. Neville

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Thanks Neville!!! Good to see you!

2 Months Ago

........................... 😎👍

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Phoenix, AZ

Like to hang out with other writers and see what's what. Have met a lot of good people on this and other sites through the years. Decided to come back and do a little posting and reading. Hit me up i.. more..

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