I almost knew you......

I almost knew you......

A Poem by Muse

It's seven o'clock in the evening,  the sunset made fair
I was passing by when he waved me over to his porch
despite the random acquaintance he offers me to warm up a chair
then as an icebreaker he offers me a puff from his cigar
smiling now,
I carefully accept from the stranger that sat near, yet far
the first drag in I can taste the nicotine and his toothpaste
handing it back over, he once again deliberately inhales,
he seems to savor and appreciate the juices I placed
then I take a drink from his glass, leaving my lipstick behind
the air around us now mixed with his cologne and my flowery perfume,
with a soft breeze, our scent gets carried away with each puff of smoke
invested I am in the awkward yet casual conversation,
I feel his gaze start with my girlish lips,
down to the curve of my feminine breasts and hips
I feel his eyes undressing me with each word that he spoke
blushing now, I hint that I want another sip from his glass
he agrees, still laughing from the recent joke
my lips make it to the rim, nervous, the Merlot drips down my chin
I use my fingertips to gently wipe and lick it away
he's still watching me with a charming and handsome grin
boots begin tapping as he reclines and stretches back,
and after another flirting glance, we start conversing again,
my mind now tracing the lines that shape his masculine face
wondering how he might feel against my soft skin
hot and flustered by the vibration within
confused by the pulsating rush, I finally realized it was my phone,
a call from Sue...........
"Where are you?" she asked.
"We've been waiting!"
Both of us disappointed with reality
he gets up to shake my hand and say goodbye
sharing the cigar and Merlot I thought,
       I almost knew you......................

© 2014 Muse

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oh, hell yes! those almost encounters are the most fleeting and tormentative in retrospect.. what if.....? thing is though, i think that most of the time we are fortunate things ended where and when they did, after all, things always happen for a reason. or do they? provocative and relevant. very compelling write!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

thank you...I couldn't agree more.

7 Years Ago



This had me smiling from beginning to end... Writings like this are hard to write - You did well Muse.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Your a unique writer and it's always a pleasure to read your work.. This is a prime example.. Very interesting and an excellent write...xx

Posted 8 Years Ago

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