The Trapped Man (Part 1)

The Trapped Man (Part 1)

A Story by Hobbit

To my greatest suprise, they looked at me. No one had ever done that before.

No one since my Mother had left. But that was ages ago.

I lived in a world where no one could see me, hear me, touch me, smell me or (I know it's weird), taste me. No one knew that I was there. I could do what the heck I liked and no one could stop me. Let me introduce myself: My name is... Mr. ...I still don't know, I name myself something everyday and forget it the next. I am from... I still don't know that either, sorry. I do know how old I am though; I am ten thousand, eight hundred and nine years old. My world hasn't changed much. The seasons come and go, people are born and die new technology is now and again discovered. But, it's all really the same. A big endless city with no way out.

It was my mistake, they were greeting a friend that was standing beside me. The two girls walked around me and hugged their friend. I was crushed. I had actually thought that someone had seen me. I kicked the newly fallen leaves as I made my refuge to a small park. Why was life so tough? Why did Mother have to leave? I needed to think about something else. Thinking about her would do nothing but sadden me even more. Instead, I thought about how I would decorate my house for Christmas this year. I had a house in a abandoned street of burnt houses which had been burnt several thousand years ago. I had picked the nicest one and fixed it up quite nicely. Maybe this Christmas if I completed my six hunderth degree at uni, Mother would be impressed and come back. She had left me when I was twelve years old. I had went to school then and had friends I had a girl I had really liked and she had liked me too. Then Mother left to find... and I had got stuck in time and my friends forgot me. Ellen forgot me. I watched them all grow up, get married, have kids and die. I watched their childen do the same.

I got up from the bench I had been sitting on and walked back to my house. When I got there I had lunch. Everything I had was in a way stolen. I would go to the store and take what I needed. I felt bad doing it, so I would work by picking up litter and cleaning things. It was the least I could do.

My lunch was fish 'n' chips. I loved the fish from this shop.

When I looked up I saw a woman in my house looking at me. I was so starteled that I fell backwards and crashed my head on the floor.

I blacked out...

© 2013 Hobbit

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Good set up, want to know more ...

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 18, 2013
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Hi Everyone. I am a new writer. I am a Mormon too. To explain myself would be hard as I am the biggest ragbag of a person that I've ever met. Writitng is my way of explaining myself, if I ever ha.. more..

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