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He is trapped behind twelve thick metal bars. The floor is cold, damp cement and the only light comes from the window in the door at the end of the hall. Because of the scarce light and limited interactions, the passage of time is nearly impossible for him to track accurately from within the walls. Night seems to blend into day creating an endless cycle of suffering. The only thing that is constant, and creates a sort of routine that allows him to somewhat keep track of time, is the fact that every day, twice a day, a bowl of slop is placed in the cell, along with a cup of cloudy liquid. At first he was not sure what he was supposed to do with the rubbish, but eventually the growing pains in his stomach alerted him that he was hungry and should try to eat it.

The “food”, if it can even be called that, was rank and flavorless. The first few times it was placed in his cell, he barely managed to choke down the putrid slime, but now, after what must have been months, he has finally learned to accept it and even appreciate it. In a place like this, one eventually learns to value the things that used to seem guaranteed, things such as: companionship, family, freedom, a good-tasting meal, and even a separate place to relieve oneself. Now he understood that those things could be easily taken away. There used to be others imprisoned on either side of him, but slowly, overtime, one by one, they were dragged away never to be seen again. Eventually, those who left were replaced with others, but the cycle continued. This had taught him, the hard way, about the consequences of making friends in a place like this.

            Rufus was the first friend he made after being locked away. They arrived nearly at the same time after both being deserted by their families and their cells shared a wall. They would oftentimes talk all through the night, comforting one another and recounting stories from their pasts. Rufus made the imprisonment almost bearable. That is, until one day, a tall, dark-haired man came into the eerily lit hallway, opened Rufus’ cell, and dragged him, by his collar, back down the hall and promptly out of the door. That was the last time he had even seen Rufus and was also the beginning of the end his hope. After what happened to Rufus, he began to see how truly permanent his situation was, and he even wondered whether he would share the same fate as his dear friend.  

            He knew that it was a fate that had been sealed the moment those traitors had turned him in here. His own family had betrayed him, and during his time incarcerated, they had not even come to visit. Thinking about it made his blood boil and turned his vision red. How could they have done this to him? Even now, he could not understand what he could have done to deserve such a terrible fate. All he had done was love and protect his kin, and they had simply thrown him away. Sure, he had not always been perfect. He had chewed a few slippers, even had a few accidents in the house, but one thing was for certain: he had loved his family with all his heart, and they abandoned him. Now all he could do was wait to be dragged out of the cell and down the hall, to the inevitable and the unknown.

© 2014 Holly

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i love the story especially the imagery and feelings of being connected to the character while reading it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

A tragic story but i liked how he learned the value of things in life and to appreciate them.
So far the idea is great and how everything is connected to everything that is happening around him.
Nice work! keep it up.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thank you so much :) Will do!

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I'm just a 17 year old girl that really likes to write stories and poems... I'd love lots of feedback and constructive criticism :) more..

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