A Poem by honey

Feminism Misogyny Gender equality

Sister, why have you turned your back against us
We were together slaves till our mothers rose to fight
They fought so we could be liberated and rule
Now, you ridicule our mothers' sweat and blood
And trample on our sisterhood to seek ‘his' approval
Whilst shewng us in a bad light

Sister, why have you chosen this path!
Do you realize our mothers had sons whom they shewed love?
Yet fought for our reign so we could have equal chances as our brothers
But you spread hashtags insinuating that we all hate our brothers
Leaving you as the sheep amongst wolves

Why discredit our mothers' legacy
Just because of the few bad eggs amongst us
Ignoring those of us that have been exploited and broken
Some with wounds that still bleed actively and never form scars

Have you forgotten that nature itself cheated our feminity?
We scream and struggle to be heard only with little progress
But a man’s voice for us is a bonus and is given more attention than ours for ourselves
We take all the help we can get so our daughters don’t suffer the ill fate
So we need them on our side

It shouldn’t be you
You shouldn’t hate your feminity so much to slander your sisters
And nourish the hate some brothers have for us to seem attractive
Never have I seen a man spread such hate for his own gender
It shouldn’t be us!

© 2020 honey

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It's really so sad...sometimes, when I see women supporting patriarchy, it really hurts me and brings me close to tears, I can't imagine the psychologic, emotional and physical trauma you must have gone through, all I can say is that you're a really strong woman to have been able to move past these horrifying events , the shame and stigma that is attached to it by the society and tell your rape story...you are really strong and brave...and the sad part of it is that when these stories are told, they are analyzed by 'humans' and discredited, it hurts more....No rape survivor holds anyone a convincing story...I wrote this because I was pissed with female misogynists online after a lady said she was getting her law degree so she could deal with females who accuse men falsely of rape and all that was in my head was, " Why would she tweet such a thing? to gain men's approval, what of the thousands that are raped and silenced/ not believed" ....it's sad that we're the enablers of patriarchy

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on June 9, 2019
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A Poem by honey


A Poem by honey