Entangled Serenity

Entangled Serenity

A Story by hope.

uhm. this is how we do it? =]


There once was a girl. Even in the biggest crowd, she’d feel an intense shiver of aloneness. It wasn’t that her life was a series of deprivations; she just never had found what made her happy. Yeah, she could smile and show the beauty of the sun; but in the rays, if you looked deep enough, the eye of a storm would be there staring back. There’s always a calm before the storm and the thunder was coming; but nobody saw it near. It was inevitable, or so she thought.

                Was it that glance into his handsome, paralyzing features that brought her to her knees in worship, that cut through all layers of her lies? Or was it that she brought out each layer and laid them into one piece, for she built trust in the idea of them together. It was as if he laid her on the table to dissect her being and put it all together to work as one function, never to break again.

            There he stood with his enchanting beauty, drawing her in with a brief gaze in her direction. Never in her life had she felt any connection to anyone; especially strangers. Yet, this handsome man managed to hook her ever-swelling heart with a fragile thread. Who was he?

            As she nimbly, yet elegantly approached this kind-eyed stranger, she began to worry about first impressions. Her anxious thoughts were quickly pushed away by his smile. And, for the first time in forever, when she smiled back, it wasn’t forced.

                It was as if the sun was expanding to explode. That hidden spark was ignited like an instant flare of a candle in the midnight sky. He was the first to see this glowing beauty since she was a little child, in the warmth and care of her mother. Now, like then, it made all that it touched around her glow with a warm furnace light.

          There was only a warm mist of serenity burning all thoughts of doubt and nervousness. They stood there, only inches apart like the scales of a lizard, their only real world that, of the entwined roots that were growing in tight knots, was their bond. How could this power, this strength, this forever presence be of existence in this weak, puny world?

Neither of them dared to speak, let alone utter any breath. Not here. Not where there were so many people. He slowly scanned the room, pausing at all the exits. He found what he was looking for, glanced back at her, and nodded in the direction of the door which led to the orchard. She understood, inconspicuously following him out to freedom. Panic overtook her and she began to slightly tremor. As he led her into the dark trees, he slowed down, catching her off guard as he entwined his fingers into hers. He bent down to her ear and softly whispered…



By: Anna Kolster & Josh Larson

© 2010 hope.

Author's Note

constructive criticism? this is a first draft...

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Wow Anna, this is really cute. I personally love the cliff hanger. You and Josh did awesome, it may need a few grammatical tweaks but its nothing you cant handle dear.

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is really good I like it.

The cliffhanger you left makes me want to smack you lol but i can live with it :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on March 9, 2010
Last Updated on March 23, 2010
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Twin Falls, ID

i'm a girl. (: i love writing. and i seem different than what i write. sometimes life gets hard, but i gotta keep going. you keep me alive. (: more..