Trust is just a word

Trust is just a word

A Poem by Rose

Did this at one in the morning with a headache, so I have no clue how it will seem!


I can trust you,

I've known you all my life,


We've been through thick and thin,

And you've always been someone I can fall back on.

When I am in pain,

And all alone,

I still know that somewhere,

You are there,

I will look down on you from the sky and cry,

On your shoulder.

You are truly a friend.

I can't trust you,

I've known you for years,

You've always seemed unnatural,

You tore my world apart,

You stole my innocence,

I am no longer pure,

I was only young,

I believed you were good.

I will never be the same.

I can trust you,

You are my family,

I've known you since birth,

We've fought,

We've hated,

But blood is thicker than all our problems,

And in the end,

I've come to see,

That I will always trust you.

I can't trust you,

Every time you disappoint me,

My heart drops whenever I see you,

Your very presence makes me sick,

My body curls with hate when I think of you.

You talk about me behind my back,

You say things you shouldn't mean,

Then to my face,

You are an angel,

I despise you.

I love you,

But I don't know what to think,

Our truth sits on lies,

We've shared the lows,

We've shared the highs,

But through all this pain and happiness,

I cannot know whether to trust you or not.

I am better than this,

I should know better than to doubt.

But all the same,

I will pretend,

But I do know,

You are my meaning in life,

You are my love.

I can trust you,

You are strong and bold,

Infinite courage flows through your veins,

Under your name does the world know truth,

You are a steady force,

You always win.

When called, you come,

You never run.

You'll always do what is meant,

Death will come no matter what.

Trust is a word,

Just a word;

It must be earned,

It must be held,

But in all the things we go through,

Behind all the love and hate you gave,

The meaning of trust rests upon you.

© 2010 Rose

Author's Note

This was done at one in the morning in about ten minutes, while I had a head ache, so I'm not really thinking straight, sorry if it turns out badly!

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The poem is amazing. I understand the pain of this poem...and it speaks to me whom in fact is no poetry kind of person. It's soul-ful. I love it...keep it up and it might be your chosen profession and do you know that true artiste have suffered a great deal to make the art? A person with a past can draw better than one with years of practice because of their sufferings. Take my advice...if you've suffered, do not throw the emotions away. Instead use it up and create more wonderful and soul-ful poems.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I haven't seen one piece of your's that could even come close to the term of "Badly" This piece was fantasticly intellegent and introspective and full of rich understanding. The style and flow that you put to this one worked wonderfully. Ink is for sure your gift, for every drip of it glows bright on the page.

Much Enjoyed!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Rosy, your age is irrelevant, you have a maturity in you style which just goes to show talent. I loved the conflict within the piece. Lovely.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is beautiful! You have true writing talent, friend! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love the juxtaposition of trusting and hating... loathing and loving. The nature of trust is a funny balance. Something that must be built over time but can be lost in an instant.. and in the end, it is just a word. You've done an excellent job of showing the inner dialogue and ultimate turmoil one goes through when love and trust are not both present. After all, one can love without trusting. And we can't choose who we love.
My favorite lines:
"Under your name does the world know truth,
You are a steady force,
You always win"

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 15, 2010
Last Updated on July 15, 2010
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