Within Issue 1

Within Issue 1

A Screenplay by ighost03

first part of 3 for a comic i wrote a long time ago










1-     A large rich looking house up on a hill with all the lights on and music playing loud.


NARRATOR: He is here.  He got the invitation just a week ago.  Missy

gave it to him herself.  Whatever the reason was they actually wanted him

here, that a first for Griffith.


2-     Griffith parks his old rust bucket for a car along the curb fitting in with the crowd.


NARRATOR: This seems like a good start for ending his outcast loser





3-     Griffith walks up to the large double doors.  He was wearing his normal light pants and a blue shirt, which made for a very dull look.


4-     He knocks on the decorative doors, but one creeps open.  The lights from inside sparkle in the night sky while the loud music blears even louder.


GRIFFITH: (THOUGHT) Guess I’ll waltz right in.


5-     Griffith goes into the doors and begins to walk around.  He see all the popular people. 


6-     He dances in a crowd of people.


GRIFFITH: Hey guys, how’s it going?

     PAGE 3-


7-     The people all give him a blank stare without even replying.


8-     The crowd of people all move away from Griffith.  Griffith is left alone with nothing near him but the door to the bathroom.


GRIFFITH: No worry guys, I uh, I had to go to the bathroom anyways.


9-     The crowd of people all point and laugh at him.


NARRATOR: Now he begins to wonder why he even came to Missy’s

party.  Maybe if he just leaves now he’ll safe himself from the rest of the


      PAGE 4-


10- The bathroom doors bursts open and a teen comes flying out.


11-  The teen has and ill look to him and runs right into Griffith.


TEEN: Thanks for breaking my fall man.


12- Griffith stands up as the teen continues back into the bathroom.


      PAGE 5-


13- Griffith heads towards the door, he’s had enough for one night.


GRIFFITH: All right guys, I gotta go home.


14- He begins to walk down the driveway looking at all rich lawn ornaments.


GRIFFITH: I was their amusement, I should’ve known better than to come.


15- He looks are his car in shock.  It had silly string all around it with clear plastic wrap over it.  His antenna was bent into a looping circle.


NARRATOR: He was only there for ten minutes and somehow they managed to do all this to his car.


      PAGE 6-


16- He peels away at his door until it was able to be opened.


17- He sits down in his car and drives off, most off the junk still covering his car.


NARRATOR: It’s getting late anyways, he’ll go home and go strait to bed.


18- He is driving down a road late at night, he can see headlights of an oncoming car in the near distance.


19- The light slowly swerves into his lane.


20- He stops his car and flashes the oncoming car.


21- The oncoming car zooms in faster.


GRIFFITH: Okay, not funny anymore.


22- Finally the cars have crashed.


NARRATOR: This will end the not-so-perfect night for Griffith.


      PAGE 7-


23- The next morning in a hospital his parents talk to a doctor over him laying in a bed.


DR.SMITH: I’m sorry, but there isn’t much more we can do here.  Everything is up to him.  Our best hope is to wait and pray everyday for him.


GRIFFITH’S MOM: I think he’ll pull through, he always had a strong sense of living.


24- Griffith finds himself standing in a small row boat.


GRIFFITH: Huh, where am I?


25- The boat answers him.


BOAT: This is your mind.


      PAGE 8


26- Griffith tilts his head over the front of the small boat and sees the old wooden face on the bow of the boat.


27- The boat contines to talk to him.


BOAT: I would explain more, but here is the coast.


28- The boat stops close to the shore but still in shallow crystal blue water.


29- Griffith steps out of the boat and walks through the shallow water leaving his shoes wet.


30-  The boat begins to sail away.


BOAT: Go into town and ask for Meg, she’ll tell you everything you need to know.


       PAGE 9-


31- Griffith looks up and sees a giant city.  There was a spiraling white tower in the center which made everything around it seem, less important.  But all the buildings somehow worked together to make this the most beautiful site he had ever seen.  Above the city were floating lights which hovered over every building providing more than enough light.


32- He begins to walk toward the mega city.


GRIFFITH: Whoa, what a city.


33- He stands at gates that lead into the city.  To the sides of the gates there were two small posts.  Coming from each of the posts are little tongs that run into the gate.  There was a slight humming sound coming from the gate.  In front of the gate is what looks like a hanging light.


34- A guard comes out from one of the posts.  He has on a metal mask that covers his entire face.  A black beam that rolls around his head covers his eyes.  Covering his chest in another piece of metal shaped perfectly like a muscular torso.  Strapped on his back is a jet pack.  The jet pack has one long thin slit in it where the flame comes out.  The guard carries a small futuristic gun in his gloved hands.


35- The guard stands in front of Griffith and begins to talk.


GUARD: Oh it’s you, I’ll let you in right away sir.


36-  Griffith stood there in awe for a moment while the gates opened.


NARRATOR: This is proving to be quite a strange place, but they are treating him with respect.


      PAGE 10-


37- The wide streets were filled people, not one car.  Each person looked like they were from a different place and time.  Some looked mid-evil while others look like they were from the future.  Some looked like gothic people while others looked like priests.  This was like the main road for everything that goes on in his mind.


38- Griffith began to walk amongst the crowd. 


NARRATOR: Perhaps if he tries to fit in and think like them he would know where to find Meg.  Oh wait he is all of them.


39- While walking along the street a hand grabs his shoulder and pulls him into an ally.    

The ally is dark and has old newspapers and piles of garbage along the walls.  It looks          like this would be part of the bad idea section of his mind.


40- Before him stood a lady. Her black and red hair hung in front of her face.  Two green

eyes peeked out from behind her hair.  Her hair fell just a little short of her neck.  Around    her neck was a red collar with several small spikes aligned around it.    She was wearing a white shirt with black long sleeves.  But the sleeves had a few slits towards their end.  Around her wrists where green and yellow rubber band bracelets.  Her fingernails were painted black which complemented perfectly with her cloths and skin tone.  She was wearing a pair of black pants that had red suspenders on each side that linked from the front to the back.  Her pants went over the top of her dark military boots.


NARRATOR: Griffith didn’t know how, but somehow he knew this lady was Meg.


41- Meg reached into one of her pockets as she began to speak to Griffith.

                        MEG:(OUT OF BLOCK) As you already know I am Meg.


PAGE 11-


42- Meg pushes the hair out of her face as she continues on.


MEG: I know you don’t realize what is going on here, and you will be face with a decision that will change you life forever.  But first you need to do a few things, and then you will be ready.  The clock is running so we must hurry.


43- She hands him the piece of paper she pulled out of her pocket.


MEG: Here, this is a map to the conscious to the east, there you will discover something you need.


44- Griffith takes the paper.


                        GRIFFITH: This, trip will it be dangerous?


45- Meg shook her head as her hair began to fly up.


                        MEG: Oh no, this one will not dangerous, shouldn’t be anyways.


46- Griffith unfolds the paper.


47- He looks at the paper and sees a perfectly drawn map, it even has an X where they are         

      right now.  The water that he started on is towards the bottom of the paper.  It looks    

      like he doesn’t have to go far.  But there is a small range of mountains he has to pass 



48- He fold the map up and shoves it into his pocket.


                        GRIFFITH: (OUT OF BLOCK) Guess I’m off.


PAGE 12-


49- Griffith walks out of the ally and faces the busy streets.


                        NARRATOR: That was an awfully strange encounter.  But it was a good

                        Encounter, just why in a dark ally?  Anyways, he has to leave the town

                        and begin his journey.


50- He walks to the gates.  Nobody is near him, they all stopped going this way blocks



NARRATOR: For some reason the gates looked more amazing this time.  Perhaps it’s because now he knows what he is starting.


51- The gates open before Griffith does anything.  He stands in the doorway looking out

into this strange world.  It has trees like his old world, but threes here have red leaves and green bark.  The grass isn’t green here either, it’s a deep bluish purple.  But the most bizarre thing is, there’s no sun.  Instead many flying lights light up the sky.


52- He looks around and sees a sign that points towards the mountains.  The sign names

       the mountains as Bumpy Roads. 


                        GRIFFITH: I sure had a lot of those.


53- He begins to walk and recap what has happened.


                        GRIFFITH:(THOUGHT) Okay, first off I got in a car crash.


54- Continues to walk and think.


GRIFFITH:(THOUGHT) Then somehow I wound up, which I later found out is my mind.


PAGE 13-


55- Still walking to the mountains.


GRIFFITH:(THOUGHT) I then found Meg which is some strange lady who is suppose to know what is going on and what I am suppose to do.


56- When he finished thinking he looked up and saw the mountains.  Towards the top

       there was some snow but the trip to the top was his main focus.  It had fine selection

       of cliffs and sharp peaks and crevices.  How was he going to get passed this.


57- He looked around the mountain.


                        GRIFFITH: Hopefully I can find a trail or something.


58- Lucky for him he found an opening into the mountain.  It went in a long way,

      probably all the way through the mountain.


59- He steps into the cave.


                        GRIFFITH: Sure wish this place had some more light.


60- The cave lights up instantly after he wanted more light.


                        GRIFFITH: Well that sure was nice.


PAGE 14-


61- He walks deeper into the cave.  He notices some chalk drawings along the walls.

      They show things like stick figures bowing down before another figure.


62- He follows the drawings and eventually a figure with a large head stands before a

      fork in the road, it’s the last picture.


63- The path is blocked off with a simple log laying across the wall to the floor.


                        GRIFFITH: Just about anything is better than climbing the mountain.


64- He steps over the log.


65- In a few more steps the floor ends, like it broke off and fell.  He looked over the edge.


                        GRIFFITH: Interesting.


66- The ledge he is standing on falls, and he falls with it.


PAGE 15-


67- He helplessly falls until he lands in some icky green water.


68- He stands up and looks up at how far he’s fallen.


                        GRIFFITH: Whoa, surprised I’m still alive.


69- A serpent rises from swampy water behind him.


                        SERPENT: I’m every bad experience you ever had.


70- Griffith faces the Serpent as it continues.


                        SERPENT: For years you’ve tried to forget me, but I’ve always been right

            here, in the bottom of all that you try to forget.


71- The Serpent begins to circle around Griffith as he explains more.


                        SERPENT: Now you have your chance, you can finally get me out of your

                        Mind, unless I defeat you.


72- The Serpent squeezes tighter around Griffith.


                        GRIFFITH: I won’t lose.


PAGE 16-


73- Griffith manages to wiggle his arms free.


74- Griffith grabs a hold of the Serpent and tries to squeeze it.


                        GRIFFITH:(THOUGHT) Hopefully I can force it off.


75- The Serpent begins to unwind himself from Griffith.

76- The Serpent falls into the water and disappears.


                        GRIFFITH: What the hell, guess I won.


77- Griffith begins to walk away and out of the water.


78- The Serpent wraps his tail around Griffith’s ankles.  


79- The Serpent pulls Griffith back to the water.  Griffith falls face first onto the black



80- Griffith begins to grab for anything, he finds a sturdy stick.


                        GRIFFITH: This should level the playing field.


PAGE 17-


81- Griffith fades into the swampy water.


82- Griffith bursts out of the water as he gasps for air.


                        NARRATOR: The air flooded his lungs as he feel fully rejuvenated.


83- The Serpent stands up beside Griffith.  The Serpent appears like a giant standing

       beside Griffith. 


84- Griffith spins around and jabs the stick into the Serpent.


85- The Serpent hisses as he plunges into the water.


86- The dark water fills with dark red blood.


                        GRIFFITH: Now it’s over.


87- The rock solid wall cracks.  A small array of light shines into the cave.


88- With a loud crushing sound the wall totally collapses.  Now the cave is bursting with



                        NARRATOR: Somehow Griffith feels at home here in this cave.


PAGE 18-


89- Griffith steps out of the cave and into a bright yellow field.


90- He looked around the wheat field he noticed a giant piece of wheat.  It looked strange

      seeing it there. 


                        NARRATOR: What ever he was looking for, it’s going to be in there.


91- Griffith began to walk deeper into the field towards the giant wheat.  Along the way

      he noticed many critters.  The critters where very short.  They had small heads but

      very large teeth.  Their bodies were molded into their small heads.  Their arms came

      off of their body.  They had short stubby legs and small feet.


92- He stood at the bottom of the giant wheat piece.  He realized there was an elevator at

      the bottom, that would make for a quick and easy ride up.


                        GRIFFITH: Never knew I would see this here.


93- He steps inside the elevator.


94- The elevator is white on the inside.  Is had several buttons on the control panel, some

      he recognized, others looked like they belonged in a UFO. 


PAGE 19-


95- Before he pushed any buttons the elevator doors had already opened again.  He stared   

      into a white room that peered down on the field.  But inside this room there was a 

      large computer panel that swung around the entire room.  In the middle of the room

      there was a blue chair.  It was large enough to block who ever sat in it.


96- The blue chair spun around and a small little old man sat in it.  He was no taller than

       the critters outside.  He looked human though.  His long white beard spiraled when it

       reached his feet.  He had on a green hat that read “Griffith Deere”.


                         CONSCIOUS: Why hello Griffith, I’m your conscious.


97- A chair came out of the floor beside Griffith.


                        CONSCIOUS:(OUT OF BLOCK) Please sit, I know you want to.


98- Griffith sat in the chair.


                        GRIFFITH: Meg sent me here"


                        CONSCIOUS: Well, I’ve been wait for you here.


99- Conscious hopped off his large chair and walked towards the window.


                        CONSCIOUS: Come here, I want to show you something.


PAGE 20-


100- Griffith walked over to the window and stood next to the extremely short 



101- Conscious pointed out the window at one of the critters.


                        CONSCIOUS: See those things, when they grow up they become very

                        mean.  I trust you already saw their teeth they do nothing but get bigger.  


102- Conscious opened a small compartment and pulled out a necklace.  The necklace

        black spheres and red tubes in a pattern one after another.


103- He hands the necklace to Griffith.


                        CONSCIOUS: Here, this will protect you from those critters.


104- Conscious waddles back to his chair.


105- Griffith stood by the window holding the necklace in his hand.


                        CONSCIOUS:(OUT OF BLOCK) I help you out because I am the voice

                        that tells you what is good, and trust me, this is something good.


106- Griffith snaps the necklace around his neck.


107- Griffith walked in front of Conscious’ chair.


GRIFFITH: Thanks, I’ll have to listen to you more often.


CONSCIOUS: You must go now.


PAGE 21-


108- Griffith walked into the elevator.


109- The door closed.


110- The door quickly opened.  He stood outside the town gates.


                        GRIFFITH: Now that’s weird.


111- He steps out of the elevator.


112- He looks back at the elevator and it looks like a door that was stood up in the 



113- The gate doors open as he approaches them.  A guard greets him from his



                        GUARD: Pleasure to see you again sir.


114- He walks along the town streets.


                        NARRATOR: Now where is Meg?


      PAGE 22-

115-    Meg waves at Griffith from down the street.


116-    Griffith runs over to her


117-    Griffith hands her the paper back.


GRIFFITH: I did, and I came back in one piece.


118-    She tosses the paper to the ground.


MEG: We don’t need that anymore any problems along the way?


119-    Griffith pulls his necklace over his shirt.


GRIFFITH:(OUT OF BLOCK) Just a little, but I got this.


120-    Meg shakes her head.


MEG: That is useless right now, we must activate it now.


NARRATOR: And they are off on their next journey, but this time Meg must go along too.


© 2010 ighost03

Author's Note

i wasn't sure how to set the format up for a script, so i made it as best i could

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