A Historical Order of Crusades.Proof of Human De-Evolution/UnEvolving.-Professor Prestome Ungyobrock

A Historical Order of Crusades.Proof of Human De-Evolution/UnEvolving.-Professor Prestome Ungyobrock

A Story by Professor prestome UngYoBrock

This is a timeline list the XV 15 Numbered Historical Crusades as well as a list of some of the events caused by the Crusaders Ignorance. There are over 26 War Events Listed Here.


A Historical Order of Crusades. Updated 2018

Proof of Human De-Evolution/UnEvolving

By: Professor Prestome Ungyobrock.


- Pre Crusade - Peoples Crusade War started by Europeans. 1094-1096. Ultimately all the crusades are about Borders and dictators restricting travelers. This border issue is present today as it was then. Before the Pre Crusade people from Western Europe wanted to travel, trade, and buy property in Eastern Europe. the Pre Crusade was lead by a citizen of Europe named Peter the Hermit who felt the Muslim Military Treatment of their Muslim and Christian citizens was unequal. The Europeans adventures were promised payment from the Christian/Catholic Churches for teaching those Muslims a lesson in force and military combat who wanted to get there before the 1st Crusading European Army arrived. As a result you have random European citizens running into Muslim own land and murdering people. The Western Church didn’t pay the families of the dead even though places like the Muslim Aleppo were attacked.

- 1st crusade - 1096-1099 War started by Europeans. Results in European forceful domination using tactics like pillage, unfair murder, and rape in places like Jerusalem and Edessa. Germany/Polish/Prussia prepare to unleash the Teutonic Order.

- Jihad Retaliation. 1100 CE - 1144 CE is when the Muslim/Eastern European forces took back their cities which had been destroyed by the European Military/State/Religious institution. Nour Ed-Din Zengi a king warrior from Iraq and Mosul who attacks the Western European crusaders in revenge for his fathers murder which was caused by crusaders. Nour Ed-Din Zengi’s Army Goes unstopped by the raping crusaders until he was killed in 1144 by some sort of assassination.

- 2nd Crusade 1147 - 1149. Pope Eugenius III talks about how they as Europeans need to destroy the cities of Jerusalem, Damascus, and Edessa even more then they did before... The Muslim/Jihad Leader who was leading the defensive army in Damascus was named Nour Ed-Din Zengi who was related to Ed-Din Zengi and had a Muslim defensive army.

- The 2nd Jihad Retaliation in years 1151-1172 CE. Imad Ad Din Zengi lead the attack to once again reclaim the land forcefully taken by the Crusading army. The Jihad was sucessful and Imad Ad Din Zengi fought until he was murdered by crusaders.

- 3rd crusade 1189-1192 - Germany, France, Byzantine Rome, and England/Britain march against the Muslim Leader named Saladin. The Muslim United Forces under Saladin eventually Win.

- 4th crusade 1202 - 1205 - ends with an attack on Constantinople Where the Crusading army loses nearly all its forces against the Muslim Armed Walls of Constantinople. After that the United Italy, Greece, and Romania/Byzantine Empire lost control/dictatorship of the Muslim cities of Tyre, Ascalon, and Cyprus. Also Involved people like Gunther and Martin. Towasrds the end of the 4th crusade there was also a growing conflict between Poland and parts of Germany in areas called RIGS.

- Baltic Crusade 1211 - 1215 - European Areas like France attack places like Transylvania as well as attacking Eastern Land.

- The Childrens/Shepherds Crusade 1212 - 1212 German and French civilians and even children march with weapons to invade Jerusalem. This goes on during the Baltic Crusade.

- 5th crusade 1216-1221 - Scum Bag Pope Innocent III dying last wish vs Al Malik Al Kamil. Crusade involves battles in Egypt and other Eastern Empire areas. The Prussians/Polish also attack the Christians of France/Hungary for their war crimes.

- 6th crusade 1228-1233 - Frederick II and Hermann Von Salze vs Al Malik Al Kamil. Ends with a battle in winter at the Sirgune River.

- Western Europe VS Western Europe. There is a fight between the Prussians and Britains in 1236-1242. Starting with the battle of Saule. 1236-1242 Kodrune VS Wurmian. Britain wanted help in the Crusades but Prussia refused and as a result the Christian/Catholic Church insulted the Prussians. Britain wins against Kodrune’s Forces. The Teutonic Order took over the land of the Prussians in areas of RIGS/Germany.

- The French Enterprise Crusade to strike Egypt and Mainly North Africa-1244-1250-This Crusade which included enslaving African people, continues while the 7th Crusade goes on. Colonization and enslavement of African people by the British/French/Christian dictatorship.

- 7th crusade 1248-1254 Mainly Lead By The Roman Byzantine Empire and other European areas including Prussia, Poland, and Britain/France with united forces such as the Mongol Leader Guyuk Khan who helps with the French Enterprise against Egypt.. Louis IX and Pope Urban IV lose the fight against Egyptian armies. Louis IX withdraws in 1254 after a fight against the Muslim Empire in the city of Cairo.

- The Prussian Crusade in 1255-1300. Where the Polish/Prussian/Dominican Christian/Jewish/Pagan people Invade Serbia, Lithuania/Belarus, and Russia. The United German+British Teutonic Order dictates the land. The Prussian Crusade starts to come to an end when the Prussian people get tired of working with the Romans/Britain. There is a large battle at Skuodas in 1259 which ends the Prussian Crusade.

- The Mamluk Crusade 1260 -1270 Mongols Crusade and Genghis Khan had a treaty with the Europeans/Christians/Catholics/Jews called Franco Mongol alliance. Huge battle over the area of Antioch and Palestine VS Baybars.

- 8th Crusade 1270-1271 - Edward I of England Invades the Holy Land Jerusalem Crusade. Edward I runs away and the crusading army is defeated by the Ottomans Empires Caliph/king.

- 9th Crusade 1271 - 1291 - England, Spain, Ireland, and Scotland: the 9th Crusade starts by first attacking/raiding the Western European area of Lithuania/Prussia/Belarus. After the crusading army raped and murder their own Europeans the Crusading army then invaded the Muslim city of Acre. Gwynedd, Llywelyn, Pope Clement V, and Edward I Longshanks VS the Ottoman Empire. The 9th Crusade ended in 1291 when Al Ashraf Khali reclamed the city of Acre and nearly all the hostile-Crusaders were removed from Jerusalem.

- 10th Crusade 1291 - 1307. Europeans seek help from the mongols to continue their love for murder and rape of the rest of Europe. The united forces of Europeans and Mongols raid the city of Levant in the 1300’s, the goal of the 10th Crusade was to counter the offensives by the Muslim/Ottoman Empire. The 10th Crusade wall all about Mongols and France advancing into Palestine using military force. Under the leadership of Ghazan. The Mongol forces fail in 1301 and then redirect their forces to attack Egypt around 1303 which also results in an Egyptian win against the European and Mongol forces in 1307. Central Europe leader Wencesla Grandiose also dies in 1305

- 11th Crusade is in 1308-1309 CE often known as the Massacre in Gdansk in the city of Danzig. Where the Germans, Polish, and Prussians attempt to obtain the City of Acre from the Ottoman Empire. However, The Germans and Polish start a conflict of their own against each-other. The typical British/German Christian/Catholic Teutonic Order with the support of German Burgrave of Magdeburg attempt to stabilize the Baltic/European regions where borders had fallen apart due to never ending war-the collapsing roman empire etc and the rightfully angry Lithuania/Prussian people. The stabilizing idea was all about removing the Polish/Prussian Empire under the leader Silesian Wroclaw. The 11th Crusade Involved Duke Konrad I of Masovia and the Teutonic Order. VS Prussia/Polish/Danish and Charles I of Hungary. The Crusade momentum ends with the Treaty of Kalisz. The peace only lasts a short time and the conflict between theses areas starts again…  

- 1310 The Ottoman Empire has officially Respelled the 11th Crusade invasion. Osman the leader of the Ottoman Empire invaded/retaliated against the falling apart Byzantine Empire/Crusaders. The Muslim/Turkish/Ottoman forces start to take over the Byzantine/Rome Territory. 

- The Hundred Years War in 1337-1453 Lead by Edward III Longshank and King Phillip 6 as well as King David from Scotland. One of the most memorable battles was the War of the Roses. The fighting in places like Jerusalem lead to France and other areas fighting eachother because everyone was so used to fighting why not murder everyone was the idea. While there was also fighting in Europe in places like Normandy. As well as Plowce/Pomerania which became territory of the Polish leader Casimir III around 1330 which gave the Polish Crusaders access to the Balkan Sea. Jogaila of Poland/German and Jadwiga of Belarus/Lithuania: get married and try to work out there problems but the war still doesn’t end because the area of Lithuania/Belarus falls into a civil war in 1389-1392. Theres a lot more conflict even after the council of Constance 1414-1418… Example there was the Battle of Trnava in 1430…

- 12th Crusade is called The Alexandrian Crusade - 1365-1369 - Involved Peter I of Lusignan VS Kitab Al Ilmam. The Church’s goal was to enslave and capture the Muslim people in the city of Alexandria in the area of Persia. The 12th Crusade even involved Europeans fighting in Egypt. The 12th Crusade literally occurred during the 100 years war.

- 13th Crusade - 1395 King Sigismund of Hungary sought aid against the Ottoman Empire who was attacking Austria-Hungary. Charles VI of France and other western European Kings/Dictators united to defend the area of Hungary. Note: there were 2 rival Christian/Catholic popes and both of them supported the 13th Crusade to defend the area of Hungary from the Ottoman Empire. The Muslim Ottoman Empire was attacking the areas of Pulgary in retaliation for the Christian attacks on Jerusalem.

- 14th Northern Crusade Also Mainly known as the battle of Grunwald - 1401-1411 - Polish/Prussuian Lithuanian/Belarus Teutonic Order War. Ulrich Von Jungingen from Poland and Vytautas From the Teutonic Order VS Wladyslaw II Jagiello and Tannenberg of Poland/Anti-Crusader Army/Prussian Amy. Both Western European armies destroy each-other.

- 15th Crusade in 1492 CE is better known as: England and Spain’s Expulsion/Removal of Jews and Muslim/Moors/Ottoman Empire from Western Europe area. Without this Crusade Spain and most of England would be controlled by the Muslim Empire. However the Expulsion Crusade to fortify European border control.. Many of these Jews left Spain and England to travel to America. The 15th crusade ends with unified Spain and England Making a treaty with the Ottoman Empire/Muslims. The Treaty was called The Alhambra Decree. Spain regain the city of Granada, the last Muslim emirate/city that the Ottoman Empire took from Spain in retaliation against the crimes the Crusaders committed against the Muslim people. 




- Modern Crusade in 1990-2018 CE which shows the lack of care regarding History in America. The Modern Crusade started in the 1990’s when USA Marines enter places like Iraq for oil money. USA citizens didn’t benefit off of these USA Military Genocide creating Crusades.. The Iraq war has recently been apart of the Crusades which really got going in 2002. The Iraq War continues to get the name of a crusade in 2017. The Iraq war expands into all of Eastern Europe which continues in 2019+. Only thing that has changed is the weapons, the people fighting don’t seem any smarter then those 1000 years ago: proof is in the failure to make a treaty and stick with it.



The Alhambra Decree Treaty is something most American don’t know about. The British and those from Spain haven’t respected the treaty. Those in Muslim related countries also haven’t been respecting the The Alhambra Decree.. Part of the Muslim/Ottoman Empire problems is places like Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq were separated by borders created after 1945. Historically it is difficult to respect treaties/truces.. It is apparent the Americans and Europeans kings/Military have completely failed in that regard. If the treaties aren’t respected history repeats: regarding more warfare and death. Its impossible to count the amount of people who have died during the various crusading events I have listed.I would assume that including the 100 years war and all the 15+ Crusades there has been over a billion people killed during these years of conflict. Entire cities were destroyed in both Easter Muslim and Western European regions.


Let Me Know If I forgot a major time event. I’m just average on the Crusade Knowledge but at least here is a simple time line. ITS LITTERALLY FREE :) when crusade related books are often quite expensive and classes are even more expensive. This is a big topic and there just really isn’t enough info on the internet. I had to create it since there isn’t really one available online.. Also just touched up my article: Politics, Crusades, and Today. From 2015. The 2018 edit is to make it a little more appropriate for the even more sensitive audience of today 2018 vs 2015.. I Suppose you can debate that ‘sensitive and afraid of facts‘ if you want but I feel that's pretty true: like people seem more afraid of news etc now vs then.

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© 2018 Professor prestome UngYoBrock

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