What Just Happened

What Just Happened

A Poem by Matthew Paul

A first version, quickly penned. I hope you enjoy


The Sheep, they stood in earnest; in attempt to proceed

Gained a tongue and voice, a life to turn them free


The farmer spoke in requested upon his lambs

Make quote to what you see; let thee understand”


The wolfs henchmen lurked, setting traps beneath their feet

So, the tongue, the voices first words were to be


Warning. The attempted subtleness, we see as just plain obvious”

That is what they told to me


The henchmen stormed away to console his bag of tricks

Seeking new means to sow the end, to plan the pending deaths


Like a mirror reflects, the transparency became the henchmens predictable prance

They let the him think he lead, let his ego rule his dance


In each others ears, the sheep's whispers heard, “ trust the seeds sown from our silent home”

They watched unfolding acts, the predestined parts, and upon the rocks; their new castle now stands alone


The wolf asked;


Tell me who you are”

They so replied

Those born to reverse the art”


The wolf smiled and apologized

I know just who you are”

The henchmen who pulled the wool, in his own game became so fooled

Was he a ruler ruled, or ruling, or a sheppard being schooled

Never did those two sheep, follow or chase

Swallow expectancies or change to be a preferred taste

The henchmen got offended and took a final stand not knowing


Fine then; I shall never lead you home”


The sheep did sigh, tired; they wondered upon whys

With tools, and eyes to extinguish fires, the henchmen couldn't escape his lies

The wolf, the sheep, the farmer, and the free all reached an understanding

Yet, there the henchmen stood mumbling; self directed

What just happened”


Those two sheep voices still whisper in the wind

Every night the henchmen knows, those voices whisper to him

He heard the farmer ask, he became the “thee”

The words of the whispers are


You could have changed through me”


© 2009 Matthew Paul

Author's Note

Matthew Paul
I know it has next to now structure, but tell me what you think anyway.

Thank you.

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Added on June 18, 2009
Last Updated on June 18, 2009


Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul


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