A Poem by Matthew Paul


Roamed plain and obvious


Voicers apposed void, story brought forward aloud


Rejoiced timely; knowing nonsense as such


Vibes positive, matters of why and how overcome


Noises and sounds, loves sound, now; I am allowed


Tuned to greet the immunity


Faces of haters, players through all stages; all the seasons we were tried


Isles of want to be idols; assuming lies; scribing unsightly doubtfulness


Seen poisons and purity, lies and love through the yelping and hollow cries


Knowing inside my fire and ice as reasons


Seeing the eyes; sighs, those that could never see through the whys


Wise, patient knowing and silenced


Seeking and hunting, dividing selfish from selfless, now truth fuels the fires


Finding the point of pivot, defining the spirit


Beneath freely I seek distinctly me; reflecting breeze like adjacent mirrors


Never I die; never slide to be sour in mind


Forever finding my way; victims eyes know the truths to evils wayward crimes


Witnessing a house of straw; apparently caught


Stood over and hated with Lehman's attempts to destroy


Tested my lengths of patience


Ages slip through sands vases, truth is nameless, plain to those awakened


Days we waited, karma sought to order ways we fought


Rainy storms, horizons sized up sources and the corners we were faced with


Steady minds sustained, ideals overcame to bring doubts closure


Swayed to know reasons, the belief in; you have seen fakers exposure


Steady we row our boat , slow and sober


Eyes absorb; stalling the caution opponent, knowing the hope of a Four Leaf Clover


What is obvious to few, is now plain to all


Subjected to the rain to fall, yesterday explained, insanities games lay festered


Raven's flight to let few know the message


High above normalities plain, interpretations show ancient refuge


The way the that play our hearts, the way we dance


Answer accompanied crafts; the sharpness of knights lances


Prophetically encrypted scrolls; promises to unfold


Stories of souls light; in our past to now become whole


Opened palmed, accepting, endless and reaching


Open hearts with seeking dreams to know reasons new; their rare belief


Rest unrealistic concerns and sooth old curses, be what is seen in this new verse


Returning to whole, love and redefining the old church.


© 2009 Matthew Paul

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Added on July 2, 2009
Last Updated on July 2, 2009


Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul


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