A Story by jade162

As I walk down the halls that don't require more than five people, my eyes nervously glance about with each movement that they happen to catch. My hands clutch at the books that I hold in my arms, the edges digging into my stomach. With clammy fingers that struggle to get a good grip on them all, I flinched with a turn of my head each time someone came past a little too close. My breath caught in my throat while I silently, unknowingly, held my breath. With a flickering gaze I looked and desperately searched for the right door, begging to get to the right one quick enough. By the time I step into the room my heart aches while I quickly drop my things on the table, feeling a small amount of relief wash over me. With this relief I let out a few sharp huffs of air after having mainly held it for the duration that I'd weaved through the figures in the hall. Even after I've sat, the feeling of fright and an almost claustrophobic sensation linger. In the middle of classes, this will often occur at what I find random intervals. 
With three minutes left to leave, I quickly turn in a paper before returning to my seat. Most are lined at the door, eagerly waiting to get out. A friend playfully holds in my chair, preventing me from taking my seat. Suddenly afraid that the teacher would turn to speak to me, with new vigor and near desperation I panicked with this same dreadful feeling as I attempted to get into my chair, even as the bell rang.

© 2014 jade162

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I really like this! It feels like you are speaking from experience, and maybe you are not, but it's really well written and heartfelt and it was like I delved straight into the mind of someone who suffers from social or some type of anxiety. You've made use of some really good verbs and adverbs and I think it all fits together to make a really good piece of writing.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you! I actually wrote this one day after I came home, and was remembering my past years. To th.. read more

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I adore writing as a whole, and I highly enjoy doing it. I'd love if anyone read and gave feedback on what I've written here- Honest feedback. I'm not always very confident, and I'd like to know if I'.. more..

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A Story by jade162

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A Chapter by jade162