Tips for linguistic learners

Tips for linguistic learners

A Story by Jake Carter

Over the years when the curriculum developers understood that every student varies in learning styles so, they had to inculcate all kinds of teaching aids, strategies and materials to cater to the diverse range of learners. It is now the case that every prestigious institution ensures that a topic is taught in a way that has different teaching strategies so that all kinds of learners can easily understand the topics. There are four basic kinds of learners’ categories that have been identified after extensive research, that include visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners and linguistic learners. When the concept of individuality enhanced and stakeholders understood that it is not possible to teach the whole class with a standardized learning method, various aids and strategies were developed for all kinds of learners and now all the schools and colleges make sure that their teaching style is comprehensive enough to be understood by all sorts of learners. However, it has been observed that many students are still not aware of their learning style and suffer due to lack of knowledge when they have to study on their own for tests or exams.

You can easily search online to look up your learning style and methods suitable for you. Here we are discussing tips for linguistic learners. Linguistic learners are the type comfortable with book learning. They attain and retain knowledge effectively when they are made to read or write. These type of learners can be writers and will excel in elocution. They can also have a future at one of the writing service UK.

These tips and tactics will help you to study conveniently.

Read Aloud

Being a linguistic learner, you will always be comfortable getting information, understanding or memorizing information when you are made to read or write that particular information. Reading aloud can be a very useful strategy for you as it suits your learning style and when you will gain information by reading and that too aloud you will be simultaneously hearing it as well, this practice will help your brain to retain the knowledge more easily.

Make flashcards

Being a person of words, presentations, videos, audios or infographics will not help you and the best learning aid for you is Flash Cards. You can easily retain complex and long information by breaking it up into points and making flash cards for an instant revision. Make sure that they have words only and making pictures or diagrams on the flash cards will become a source of distraction.

Indulge in discussions

Healthy verbal discussions will also help you to indulge knowledge but it shouldn’t be between more than four people as it will not leave an impact. Being a linguistic learner your mind needs to understand clearly what is being said otherwise it will be cluttered and confused.

Use pointers to learn complicated information

Similarly as flash cards, while learning a complex topic and lengthy pieces of information, write them down in pointers in black and white for written, verbal and lingual stimulation. Breaking the information in points will also help you to revise it in less time and will make your brain retain it for longer periods.

Learn through quizzes

Verbal and written quizzes will also help you greatly to understand and remember a concept. You can involve your friends with the same learning style or form a group of the same kind of people to make and play the quizzes as it will help that whole group.

Write and learn

Learning through writing will the best way for a linguistic learner to remember any kind of information. Try to write down the concept as soon as you learn them in class as a part of pf your homework as it will be not only a recap of the day's learnings but will help your brain to retain that knowledge after you have written it. You do not have to write everything down, but making pointers and flash cards at this stage will help throughout the semester.

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Jake Carter
Jake is a psychiatrist and student counsellor working at one of the most renowned universities in the country. He has also helped many schools in developing their curriculum that caters to all kinds of students equally and best essay writing service UK effectively.

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Added on March 26, 2020
Last Updated on March 26, 2020
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Jake Carter
Jake Carter

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