This place is not a home

This place is not a home

A Poem by Janesy

In debt,
and these thoughts run rampant,
So much for resting within me,
so much for love and patience
I am on my own.

Still, eye me like a hawk,
for it's dangerous when it comes to intentions.
and be sure of where I walk,
you do not want the prisoner to leave the prison.
Do you?

Dear stranger, still, do remember to speak slow,
and bring that sweater, lest it gets too cold.
for I will not share, as no one cared enough to give.
What good could I offer anyway...
I am but your captive.

But hey,
Is there something you're not saying,
could it just be a matter of pride?
Should I keep my doors open, or should I shut myself out from inside?
Better that I leave, I never felt like I belonged
It all seems better without me,
Stranger, i'm sure you knew that all along.

Release me.
It is impossible to release myself.
These chains are much too heavy
I do need someone's help.
No one. No one, in sight.
The helping hand is missing.
It always disappears without that light.

So I cast my shadow, on cracked walls.
They, the hope for a better tomorrow.
Comfort me my friend, by roaming to wherever your heart desires.
And bring me back, love.
Love in the most simple form.
Do return, please do remember.
I'll send reminders.


But then, I learned,
that when your imagination runs golden,
you need no stranger.

So if you see my shadow, somewhere out there in the cold,
Please do tell her, that a child that is destined to fly,
would never fall.
and that her body has returned,
awaiting her manifestation,
with open arms,
and also,
a heart of love to share,
with - her own.

I always dream a little dream,
when I'm alone.

© 2010 Janesy

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Added on January 5, 2010
Last Updated on January 5, 2010




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