The Jazzman's Lullaby #1

The Jazzman's Lullaby #1

A Poem by jasonaspraggins

-song lyrics

His cigarette is burning, and his glass has just been filled.
He looks down from the stage into a storm that must be stilled.
Though tired and drunk on whiskey, he exhales a smokey sigh,
then picks up his guitar and starts the jazzman's lullaby.
He strums the chords of longing, and he sings words of despair.
The melody has peacefulness that calms the frenzied air.
Through drunken eyes, he sees the crowd; his spell can't be denied.
soon every soul's enchanted  by the jazzman's lullaby
The night is growing older, and his song is near its end.
Their minds are lulled into a trance;their hearts are his to mend.
He knows the drink will kill him, but he's not afraid to die.
He takes a sip and starts again his jazzman's lullaby

© 2012 jasonaspraggins

Author's Note

This is the original version of this song. It has a steady meter. When my co-writer and I set it to music, we changed the lyrics a bit to fit the melody.
The song with revised lyrics can be heard here:

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Added on February 27, 2012
Last Updated on February 27, 2012




I'm 30 years old. My degree is in music education, so I write a lot of poems that are set to music. I have gone out on a limb and tried to write a fantasy novel called "The Gods of Midian: A Tale o.. more..