City of Light (full)

City of Light (full)

A Poem by The Rose That Grew From Concrete

This actualy happened more to come on this event in my life. This is the Full version the shorter one is half the size




I remember the day that I saw the city of light

A trip that told me I was the own to make the world right

It was 2004 I was in the 7th grade

It was a fool around wrestling match were a thin mat was laid

On the concrete floor, blood was rushin through my bloodstream

Because it was me against the strongest guy on the team

I wasn’t scared I didn’t back down in the face of doubt

The team crowded the mat no way out

It started out smooth all was even unclear

But then he ran at me and tried to hit me with the spear

I stood strong caught him in a headlock

But he stuck his hands in for a block

So I got behind him in a sleeper hold

I had it in but he kicked my legs out from under me

His hand across my diaphragm and hit the floor brutally

I start losein my sight and I try to breath but I can’t get air

And Coach Rale was yellin get up son, but I was barely aware

My mind faded into unconscious thought, maybe it was death

 I saw the darkness of my mind I glared at it blankly

But then under me appeared a bright road, and ahead of me a city

A city made of light; I was in a trace I had to enter

As I got closer I could see at the gates stood my grandmother

It shocked me she had bee gone for almost ten years

Joy grew inside me as stated to run towards her and away from here

But then her voice of pure harmony said “your work isn’t yet finished”

I said what work is she talkin about I had no work to be vanished

She said “go back Jason it will all be clear”

I woke up the coach above me, and my mind unclear

I got up and I was ok when I could think again I begin to see things

I saw the governments plan; I saw the power with my new writings

I became creative and always new the truth my moral compass out grew society

And it was where I became the revolutionary I am and will be undoubtedly

It was my awakening I stopped conforming and taking others thoughts

I could now think for my self and I saw how everyone were robots

I saw that parents and the authority figures weren’t always right

The greatest gift ever given, the day I saw the city of light

Now I knew it was my duty to teach the world how to love and prosper

And now I am Jason X the ghetto philosipher

© 2008 The Rose That Grew From Concrete

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hmmm...not bad at all.i like the full version better ever though you could have tried to make it rhyme in the second part of the poem too.I mean you could have tried to take the vision and find some rhymes here and there.but i like the message.nice poem.
keep it coming:)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 15, 2008


The Rose That Grew From Concrete
The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Fort Smith, AR

My Name is Jason X and I'm a 17 year old guy born and raise in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I have a very imaginative and revolutionary mind. Please Comment more..