Days in Pain

Days in Pain

A Poem by Jaxter_Nick

The days they follow refusing to end, they refuse to stop time and time again I can’t just run away, away I can’t get far enough too long too long my legs are too tired I need to rest the past keeps coming and it refuses to end the pain the pain why won’t it end its too strong it just won’t stop I need to run, run away, away as fast as I can but my legs will carry me no longer, will it never end? As I began to fall the pain cleared, the fear dissipated, my mind emptied and my nerves went numb… all was clear, serene, empty… the whole of my body, the pain was cleared and the darkness was refitted by white, I didn’t know yet, I thought it was done, the end was nigh, but what of my past? Had it just disappeared? There was no way that something like that could just turn up missing, right? The world went back to a dark tone and the pain and suffering and fear and terror became true again as I could hardly move with the pain… I knew I had to end it end the pain, end the suffering, end the terror, end it all…The only thing to do was to turn and face the past, the monster that had pained and tortured my soul and mind all my life, but the pain, pain, pain always attacking and pounding down on me…what could I do but succumb to the pain? I could fight it; I could face the pain and end this!

© 2014 Jaxter_Nick

Author's Note

This will be a Concrete poem soon but for now its just this

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Please disregard the authors note, i couldn't figure out what to use as a shape for representing pain...

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow impressive.
You have a natural talent my young friend.
If I had had your talent when I was young there is no telling where I would be now.
Excellent piece of work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 2, 2014
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Akron, OH

I am a huge gamer who has found a simple likeness in writing stories. The stories come from my imagination in most cases, also a number of my stories are from my language arts class projects. Also .. more..