The World Is a begger

The World Is a begger

A Poem by Jaxter_Nick

I can't remember when I had written this, but I had decided to copy it onto the site from it's notepad doc [The date on the document was created Friday, ‎April ‎08, ‎2016, ‏‎8:07:15 PM]

What is it that I want to be?
Is it the hero?
The Good Guy?
The one that falls short, but pulls everything together when its needed most?
I would like to think of myself as the helper, the one that even when times look bad, I can be there to save the day, to protect the good guys, and sometimes even the bad.
I don't want the world to be a dreary place where you can't just live happily and do whatever.
If it was so easy, then I know I wouldn't have been the first, but the hard truth is that it isn't, now that may mean I am a Doom-Sayer or pessimist, but I kinda am.
I would even wonder if I am far from being a masochist, I will happily get injury, or endure pain, just for the sake of my friends, or even my acquaintances.
But this world punishes the good...
There was once a time when a person could enter a tavern, and every room was the same price, and that man would maybe try to haggle it but in the end everyone got what they needed. The end.
Now here is another story, A man walks into a tavern, and everyone takes on glance at him, judges him, then returns to what they were doing, the bartender keeps his eyes on the man, observes his every detail, now when the man reaches the bar, and asks for a room, the bartender will look at him, shoot for a high price, and the man will haggle, when the room's price goes down, it is still above the set price, and the man will pay, and goto his room full of rats and the only furnishing is a blanket. The man figures he got what he needed, while the bartender got more than enough at the expense of others, and should the man make another action, everyone would judge him on it, there unfortunately, is no end to this one.
The thing is that both of those occur, but the latter of the two is far more common in this world.
Its sickening, and though I feel it be terrible, this is the world I am forced to endure, if I have that chance to help those whom truly need it, or protect those who would otherwise be injured, shouldn't I take that chance and do so?
In this world though, you cant tell either way anymore.
I go to school, and everyday, on my way into, and off of campus, I see people who are standing on the corner, begging.
These same beggars would stand there in any conditions, wearing designer attire, having a smartphone visibly in their pocket, and a pack of cigarettes a little over half empty as they grab another and put it to their lips.
The building down the road that takes in the truly homeless, and shelters them, feeds them, and treats their injuries, has its doors wide open for those that truly need it, these people know they cannot go there, as they are not truly homeless, only cheating liars with everything to gain..
I cant say that this world has nothing for me, but that small set of things only gets clouded, poisoned, and desecrated by the world it is trapped in.
I don't feel there is anything actually good for me here.
I just wish there was a way to escape it that wouldn't hurt the few who care about me.

© 2016 Jaxter_Nick

Author's Note

So if it wasn't apparent from this, I have a quarrel against Liars, cheats and greedy people, AKA the majority of society, then half of the remaining minority is just the idiots, morons, and blind followers of popular figures... they aren't all bad, its just a pain that people are like that...

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Added on June 6, 2016
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Akron, OH

I am a huge gamer who has found a simple likeness in writing stories. The stories come from my imagination in most cases, also a number of my stories are from my language arts class projects. Also .. more..