An Errant Text

An Errant Text

A Poem by Joshua McNay

Poem #2 of 4 that I found on my phone when going through my notepad. I wrote this bit after sending an ill conceived text to my ex. It doesn't rhyme like my normal stuff but I wrote what I was feeling


Hey you, you over me yet?

That was the text I sent the woman I love.

I sent her that in hopes of talking to her.

Failed to do so would put it lightly.

What I thought would be funny, turned out to be a disaster.

I never heard from her after that.

Frankly I can't blame her.

I lost her because I'm stupid, that text proves I'm on another level.

I'm ashamed of how reckless my fingers were.

They should have stopped that from ever getting to her.

They let me down when I hit send.

I just wanted to talk is what I should have written.

But no I had to be me and just mess it all up.

Breakups are never easy and closure is hard to find.

Everyone moves at their own pace.

I want her happy but I really do miss her.

Our late night talks were nirvana,

Her voice brought me peace I never knew.

It's lost to me now, save for a few videos on my phone.

I'm a mess, not a person worthy of redemption,

Right now at least I don't deserve her affection.

There is a lesson in here to be told,

Maybe wait to hit send on a text message to an ex.

I know it seems so simple,

My fingers and brain got off track,

And look where it got me.

Ugh I'm so stupid sometimes I can't even stand it.

© 2017 Joshua McNay

Author's Note

Joshua McNay
Review if you like. Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome and encouraged. As always thank you for reading.

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Added on May 23, 2017
Last Updated on May 23, 2017


Joshua McNay
Joshua McNay

Grand Junction, CO

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