His Eyes

His Eyes

A Poem by Norma J. Jessee

Have you ever gotten lost in someones eyes ?


His Eyes


Under his spell I went, when first I saw his eyes,

There is no antidote, this spell to neutralize,

I thought I was safe, but found to my surprise;

I could not resist the power of his eyes.


Each night I sit and stare into his eyes,

Each moment brings me closer to my demise,

I cannot help myself, I know it is unwise;

But I can not escape the power in his eyes.


So far, yet so close I can hear his sighs,

Like tiny little fireflies lighting up the skies,

No matter how I try, One thing I can't diguise;

The power and the magic in my lover's eyes.


Deeper into his spell I'm drawn, His eyes mesmerize,

He weaves his spell around my soul, to tantalize,

 Those eyes I stare into, I've begun to idolize;

There's no longer an escape, from the power of his eyes.




© 2008 Norma J. Jessee

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Deeper into his spell I'm drawn, His eyes mesmerize,

He weaves his spell around my soul, to tantalize,

I hear ya, on this one ~Jesse, Those lover's eyes

can get you everytime ~ very well expressed

and beautifully penned~Fran Marie

Posted 15 Years Ago

This poem has the capability to capture any man's heart, and become putty in such
expression of adoration, admiration, sensual affection, the blissful and enchanting,
features, I could feel the passion behind every masterfully crafted line,
and the rhyme form accentuated the creative ambition behind the romantic meaning,
you captured and captivated my thoughts, the romantic artistry is overflowing...

Posted 15 Years Ago

it's funny how we are all drawn to different things - but I'm with you here! Love the eyes - odd how they have their own language and can say what words cannot - not just a window to the soul but an interpreter for the heart I think. You've captured that lost and mesmerized feeling so beautifully here - hypnotic write :-)



Posted 15 Years Ago

Really easy flow. I enjoyed this poem, beautifully written.
Just one comment about the following lines...

"I could not resist the power of his eyes.
Each night I sit and stare into his eyes,"

This was the only area where the flow may have been a bit disrupted by using the word eyes on two ajoining line. just a suggestion though, cause really, im no poet lol.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Well first off what a very great flow and rhyming scheme... also it is so very intoxicating and passionate... this is so far my favorite piece of yours I've read... I think the eyes tell a lot about someone and especially when they love you... this piece was such a perfect description of the power in a stare.

Posted 15 Years Ago

I love it Norma and I agree with Tony in that sometimes something about a person can just hypnotize us and makes us feel a certain way; you conveyed that message so well! It flowed well and I loved the message within. Great piece!!

Posted 15 Years Ago

This is a great piece Norma, isn't it amazing how sometimes the most unusual things about someone can hypnotize us, the eyes being one of those things, I think this poem portrayed those feelings very well and the rhyming is perfect. It struck me as almost an infatuation that you have with this persons eyes, maybe they talk to you in a way, or they might penetrate deep into your heart, like when you look at certain pictures of Jesus, they seem to look right through us. Wonderful work Norma.

Posted 15 Years Ago

This is a great piece nice words, weaved so well and flows easily. Good work, I truely enjoyed.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Wow, you have such a brilliant way with words, my friend. They draw the reader in so effortlessly...


Posted 15 Years Ago

absolutely fantastic!!!!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Norma J. Jessee
Norma J. Jessee


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