form two lines..

form two lines..

A Poem by jen

written at work...


Thoughts tap on windows,
Impatiently random and unrelenting
Racing all over the map
What waits beyond that door?
When will the invitation be received?
What to make for dinner?
Focus and redirection
One end of the map to the other
Why did that happen the way it did?
Which part of the pile on my desk should I address?
Ignore some feelings,
Explore others
Tapping continues and the line of interrupting thoughts
It stretches around this building
And the parade follows me wherever I go
I heave myself out of my patented blank stare
Refocusing on the pile of papers on my desk
Attempting to form two lines…
Thoughts about work to the left
All others move to the right
The right side still hides and moves over and never really adheres to the new rule
I tell myself, it is only Monday,
And Monday’s are prepackaged for wayward thoughts
Soon, one line is formed again,
Those wayward, wondering thoughts
Elbowing their way to the front once more
“never actually said good-bye”
“what should I have for lunch?”
“where did I put that other shoe?”
“are there pets waiting for us when we die?”


© 2014 jen

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Ahh yes the mind does ramble doesn't it when we are unsettled.
Monday mornings always seem to bring out the best of the contemplations.
Wonderful write in sharing these thoughts... I chuckled to myself.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I guess only wayward thoughts make the humdrum of work bearable sometimes... You write so well ... I loved the idea of the tapping going around the building... of the miilitary marshalling of the thoughts...

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on October 26, 2009
Last Updated on March 1, 2014



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