Dream by Dream ♥

Dream by Dream ♥

A Story by Jen Marks

Based on Christofer Drew Ingle. I know this is very short (even for a short story), but I'm actually turning it into a full book soon! :)



            What were the odds of finding someone just like you in a small town such as that? Your artistic gleam caught me off guard the first time we sighted one another. You stood out, and that’s what made me fall. I never imagined myself ever wanting to go back to a place as secluded as that, so please just tell me why my heart keeps leaping back to that Midwestern State.
            My mother was the one who planned this whole trip in the first place. You see, we have family down in Missouri that I haven’t seen since I was around eight years old. Being from Fitchburg, Wisconsin, the thought of staying with my aunt, uncle, and my three cousins for a month in Chitwood, Missouri didn’t sound that attractive to me. But then again, after a break-up like I just had, a ten-hour drive didn’t seem that bad.
            We were in love. He said he wanted to marry me, and then he up and left – just like that, without any warning. I thought a love as deep as that would have no end. I thought our life together would be perfect…but I was wrong. The moment I was informed of his leaving, I finally saw where I had been going wrong all of those months. In that moment, it was as if all of my feelings for him had just suddenly got switched off. In that moment, I became nobody.
            I fell asleep half way through the drive there, but five hours wasn’t enough for the depression I was going through. Once we reached my cousins’ house, we said our quick hellos, and then went straight to bed. The following morning, my aunt Carrie wanted me to take my cousins, Angie, Max and Deborah, to the Joplin theme park, Carousel Park. I figured that getting out would be good for me, so I agreed to her offer, and drove the three of them there. That’s where I first met him. He was working at the pirate ship ride.
            I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good looking at a boy. I fell for him right then and there, when he strapped me in. His light brown hair fell slightly over his blue eyes, which were covered by oversized glasses. He smiled at me shyly.
“You scared?” he asked me, joking. I tried to swallow, but it felt as if there was already a large lump forming in my throat.
“More than you know,” I replied, still staring at him in awe.
            And from there, we talked. We talked and talked, until it felt like we had known each other for years. I had already picked out my favourite qualities about him too. I loved his smile, and how it became shy whenever I complimented him. I loved his voice, even though it was a little too high to belong to a guy. But most of all, I loved his lips, and how my heart felt whenever we kissed.
“I know it sounds crazy, but I think I’m falling for you,” I had told him just before I left.
“That sounds ridiculous,” he said. “But I think I feel the same way about you.”
That was one of the last kisses we shared. Now, I’m back in Wisconsin.
            I continue to pray for another chance to go back, just so I could stumble upon that beautiful face once again…because without you by my side, it’s just not the same. Nonetheless, I will always look back on you as that fond memory. And if I’m ever back in Missouri, I’ll definitely give you a call.

© 2009 Jen Marks

Author's Note

Jen Marks
I know the ending is very abrupt, but bear with me! :)
I'm turning this into a book at the moment.
The book will be posted on this website soon!!


♥Jen Marks

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Hello Jen. A very nice story. Good to travel, met people and create friendship. I did enjoy your music. Will you do more? Most of the songs are older. Nice to had met you and the story was cute and entertaining.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I like this! I like the way you write your stories =]
I am glad to know that you are turning this into a book.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Loved it!! :)))
Kudos!! Also anyone out there with any creative story ideas/ let me know!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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